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Digital solutions we’ve engineered

shopspot-generative ai development services
Neural Networks. Predictive Models. Product Inventory

ShopSpot. Advanced AI for Superior Inventory Management in Retail

ShopSpot leverages state-of-the-art AI technology, employing predictive models like machine learning and neural networks. This empowers it to assess historical sales, demand patterns, and external influences, ensuring highly accurate forecasts of future demand in its Product Inventory Management.

NVMS - AI consulting | AI development Project
Chatbot. Computer Vision. NLP-Driven

NVMS. Efficient property inspection and work order management using AI

We helped NVMS by integrating AI for efficient property inspection and work order management. Utilizing ResNet and YOLOv8 algorithms within the robust AWS Bedrock platform, we’ve enabled NVMS to achieve precise house number and signage detection, enhancing the accuracy of their reporting.

Integrated Security. Checkout Tech. Retail

Aisle 24. Pioneering Cashierless Grocery Shopping Experience

Aisle 24 has been at the forefront of automated grocery vending, merging technology with convenience in residential spaces. Launching Canada’s first cashierless grocery store in 2016 in partnership with Knightstone Capital and Centennial College, Aisle 24 offers a seamless, app-driven shopping experience.

LegalAlly - AI development services
NLP. Legal Data Set. Chatbot

LegalAlly. Expert Legal Assistance Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

Powered by advanced natural language processing models and decision trees, LegalAlly provides expert legal guidance, simplifies complex workflows, and ensures a smooth user experience.

Trapaze Travel Mobile Solution - Markovate

Geospatial Tech. Paratransit Solution

Trapeze. Transforming Paratransit with AI-Infused Integrated Mobility Technologies

Trapeze, a leader in North American transit solutions, offers a mobile app that revolutionizes paratransit. The app features real-time scheduling, customizable transit options, and a user-friendly interface.

Synervoz Video Audio Streaming Mobile Solution - Markovate
Real-Time Analytics. Adaptive Content

Synervoz. Revolutionizing Multimedia Communication

Synervoz blends voice, text, audio, and video on one platform, delivering a unique multimedia experience. It offers features like private rooms for live streaming, real-time music listening, and instant voice communication. The app also enhances social interactions and sports experiences, integrating custom VoIP technology.

Sellvage Marketplace Mobile Solution - Markovate

Blockchain Crypto. Asset Management

WePay. Revolutionizing Retail Payment Systems

WePay is a cutting-edge Multi-Chain Wallet, expertly crafted for the modern crypto landscape. Pioneering with Decentralized Identity Integration and AI-driven insights, it offers seamless interoperability across various blockchains, revolutionizing asset management and security in the digital age.

Trapaze Travel Mobile Solution - Markovate
EV Solution. Voice-Enabled. AR Experience

PiEV. EV Technology with AI-Driven Charging Solutions

PiEV stands at the forefront of EV charging innovation. Our technology extends beyond charging to integrate highway geometric design aspects, including sight distance calculations and driver reaction analysis.

Croft NFT Marketplace
AI-Assisted Diagnosis. Healthcare

MedME. Streamlining Appointments with AI Doctor-Patient Management System

MedME streamlines appointment booking and management for doctors and patients. It offers easy appointment scheduling, reduces wait times, and improves access to healthcare professionals. MedME ensures efficient doctor-patient communication and secure medical records management, enhancing the healthcare experience for both parties.

NFT Marketplace. Metaverse

Croft. Streamlining NFT Trading and Digital Asset Exchange

Croft is an NFT marketplace enabling easy buying, selling, and minting of digital art. Users register, connect a crypto wallet, and navigate a user-friendly platform for secure NFT transactions. Tailored for both creators and collectors, Croft simplifies and secures digital art trading.

Eventio app
AI Ticketing Solution. Event Management

Eventio. Your Ultimate AI-Powered Event Booking and Venue Discovery Hub

Eventio simplifies the process of finding and booking events like concerts, festivals, and sports events. With detailed event information and direct in-app booking and payment options, it offers users a comprehensive and accessible event discovery experience. Eventio’s user-centric design features easy onboarding and a streamlined ticket purchase process.

Real-Time Data Processing. Event Parsing

AT&T. Mastering Real-Time Data Processing with Custom Event Parsing

Developed for AT&T, this custom event parser efficiently processes millions of records in real time. Utilizing a Kafka Message Queue, the solution excels during live broadcasts, ensuring seamless data handling and optimal performance.

PayZee app _thumbnail_Desktop
Data Syncronization. AI-Payment Solution

PayZee. Smart Financial Management Reinvented Through AI

PayZee is a mobile app designed for effective financial management. It addresses challenges like spending tracking, financial literacy, and security concerns. The app offers features for wallet payments, bill payments, money transfers, and financial analytics to enhance users’ financial well-being.

Roam - case study

Dynamic Subscriptions. AI-driven. Car Solution

Roam. Long-Term Car Rentals with AI-Optimized Operational Efficiency

Roam offers the convenience of long-term car rentals with unparalleled operational efficiency. Emphasizing flexibility and simplicity, Roam redefines the car rental experience by eliminating common rental hassles.

MPT thumbnail_website@2x

Data Visualization. AI Fitness Solution

My Perfect Trainer. Bridging Personal Trainers & Clients with Technology

My Perfect Trainer is a fitness platform bridging the gap between personal trainers and clients. It empowers trainers with tools for self-promotion and management while offering clients a choice of trainers to suit their fitness goals. The app features easy booking, a high app store rating, and a user-friendly interface.


Smart Scheduling. Automated Invoicing

Skep Home. Reinventing Home Cleaning Services with AI-Driven Solutions

Skep Home connects homeowners with professional cleaners through an intuitive app, offering flexible scheduling and real-time tracking. Developed for hassle-free booking and management of cleaning services, this app elevates both convenience and efficiency.

Our proud clients

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure. See our work.
Over the past decade, we’ve crafted innovative solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Kraft Foods, Dell, as well as numerous small businesses and tech startups like Aisle 24 and Trapeze, among others. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

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About Custom AI Solutions Development

I'm interested in integrating AI into my business, but I'm uncertain about its applicability. How can I determine if AI is suitable for my business?

Your concern is valid. To assess AI’s suitability for your business, we offer a consultation service. Our experts will evaluate your business goals, processes, and challenges to determine how AI can bring value and enhance your operations.

Do you offer custom AI solution development services?

Absolutely, we specialize in custom AI solutions tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that the AI solution we develop aligns perfectly with their requirements.

I have a product idea but I'm unsure if you have previously developed a similar product?

We welcome your innovative ideas. Our team has a proven track record of developing a wide range of AI products across various industries. We encourage you to share your idea with us, and together, we can explore how to bring it to life.

Could you provide more information about your capabilities and how I can initiate a project with your team?

Certainly, we’d be happy to provide details about our capabilities. To initiate a project, simply reach out to us through our website or email. We’ll schedule an initial consultation where we can delve into your requirements and outline the steps to get your project started.

How can I assess if your team possesses the expertise required for my specific industry?

We take pride in our team’s diverse expertise across various industries. To ensure our alignment with your industry needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation. This will allow us to discuss our relevant experience and determine how well we can address the unique challenges of your industry.

On average, what is the typical timeframe for the development of your AI products?

The timeline for AI product development varies based on project complexity. During our initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed project plan and estimated timeline tailored to your specific requirements.