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Azure App Development Services

Learn more about our Azure app development services and how we can help you build your dream project using Azure.

Azure Application Development

Our developers use.Net, Java, Python, PHP, and Node.js programming languages to create and deploy web products on the Cloud utilizing Azure’s Web App Service. Easily build and manage sophisticated Azure static web apps and portals without worrying about maintaining infrastructure. We also develop cross-platform and native iOS and Android applications using the Mobile Apps feature of the Azure App Service.

Azure Integration

It’s important to have hybrid architectures to combine your current on-premise enterprise application with cloud-based applications. Our skilled Azure developers using Service Bus and Logic Apps will integrate your apps, data, and processes effortlessly. To design, implement, and assemble your business operations, we can assist you in developing new, integrated solutions that link on-premises and cloud-based apps and services.

Azure AI Development

Using Cognitive Services as building blocks, we create our own AI solutions from the ground up. Our developers build top-notch AI models to make an intelligent app for your business. Using Azure Bots, we create enterprise-grade conversational Al-based bots for vision capabilities, complicated information mapping, language processing, and speech conversion.

Azure SaaS, IaaS & PaaS Services

To create multi-tenant SaaS projects, IaaS, or PaaS solutions that meet your unique company demands and industry standards, get in touch with our Azure cloud solution experts. Cloud-native apps powered by Microsoft Azure can be developed, deployed, and managed by our certified Azure architects.

Azure ML Development

We strategize, integrate corporate systems, and put the appropriate tools & precise algorithms into practice by bringing in Python, R, or any of Microsoft’s tested algorithms. To ensure compliance, we share model explanation diagrams with you and develop predictive apps using industry-leading machine learning techniques. We offer solutions that analyze Big Data and help users make educated decisions because we have experience working with Azure products and services like BI, Data Explorer, Data Lake, Analysis, Data Bricks, and Data Factory.


Azure IoT Development

To create fully-functional IoT solutions, from devices to their solution back ends, Markovate’s IoT team configures the Azure IoT suite. Our application developers employ Stream Analytics to get real-time insights into the data gathered from your connected devices, create personalized dashboards, forecast when your device needs maintenance or when the inventory needs to be replaced, and carry out other data-driven operations. We can integrate your IoT solution with your current infrastructure to simplify workflow procedures, increase intelligence, speed up business transformation with 5G edge-based solutions for particular workloads, and safeguard your company from all angles—hardware, software, and the cloud.


Our Proud Clients

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Our End-to-End Azure Development Process

Our developers undertake a meticulous approach to better understand your company’s objectives and how to create an engaging, user-friendly, and smooth Azure solution to meet your cloud needs.

Project Evaluation

The first and one of the essential steps in the development process is unquestionably determining shared objectives and the project’s purpose. We assess the business and technical requirements based on the clearly stated project or product goal, and then we document the scope to ensure successful execution.

Project Plan

Timelines should be established once the customer has been informed of all essential details of our Azure development services. To deliver solutions on time, we thoroughly plan and adhere to deadlines.

Wireframes & Prototyping

At this stage, we produce wireframes, structurally structured website layouts and functionality, and prototypes, high-fidelity designs that demonstrate how a user will interact with an app’s features.

UX/UI Design

We produce inspiring and fascinating designs because of our imaginative approach to user interface and user experience design.

App Development

The most important aspect of Azure Development is about to start: coding. We can create secure and scalable Azure apps by defining the technical architecture, selecting a reliable technology stack, and deciding on development milestones.

Quality Assurance Testing

We continuously execute automated and manual testing throughout the delivery process to give you high-quality Azure Applications.

Azure App Development – Benefits

1. High Level of Security

Azure’s web application development services meet enterprise-level SLAs in accordance with PCI security standards. When you use the Azure platform for these services, you can be confident that your app development process is secure and that the implementation adheres to strict security guidelines.

2. Versatile Framework

The Azure platform not only provides a diverse framework that supports various infrastructures but it is also multilingual. Languages supported include Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, and ASP.NET. Web App Service executables and scripts can also be run on VMs.

Azure App Development@2x
Azure App Development@2x

3. Application Templates

Azure includes a plethora of application templates that can immediately increase a developer’s creativity and efficiency. These templates are available in the Azure Marketplace and can be used as a wizard to incorporate popular open-source software.

4. Actionable Info and Quick Analytics

Azure is also known for providing end-users with actionable information that assists them in making quick analytical and business decisions. To work toward corporate app development and make better business decisions for overall growth and progress, you may anticipate extensive access to application performance and health information.

Azure App Development – Tool & Technology

Our azure developers recommend the best technology stack to develop digital mobile solutions for business

tools and technologies azure website
tools and technologies azure mobile
tools and technologies azure tablet

Working with Markovate

We have worked with Markovate for more than a year to build our enterprise product design and prototype. We worked closely with the team, and they were always on top of their deliverables. They are very professional in their processes and have always suggested the best solutions for our product development. Highly recommended.

Anil Wasney

Director of Technology, FedEx

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

Markovate has always stood out due to its consistently high professionalism and customer support standards. They have helped us build multiple products in the past. We recommend them to anyone looking for product development.

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience and outcomes were excellent from conception to creation and throughout the complete evolution phase. They ensure that every project they undertake receives the best possible attention and enthusiasm. We are grateful that we could find Markovate to assist us because our mobile application met our expectations.

Michael Lavry

VP, Dell Technologies

Industries We Serve

Azure App Development Services: Common FAQs Answered

What are the advantages of Azure for enterprises?

While there are a lot of capabilities that Azure offers for enterprises, here are the main 5 USPs of our Azure Development Services:

  1. Speed of service
  2. Enhanced flexibility
  3. Integrated delivery pipeline
  4. Disaster recovery
  5. Security
Is Azure better than AWS?

While Azure is easier to use than AWS overall, it provides better capabilities. Azure leverages technology that you and your users are already familiar with, such as Windows, Active Directory, and Linux, making the transfer to the cloud less evident than AWS, which can be difficult and is noted for its extensive documentation.

What are the three kinds of App services in Azure?
  1. Web App: It is used for hosting websites and web applications (previously Azure Websites).
  2. API App: It is used for hosting RESTful APIs.
  3. Logic App: It is used for system integration, data exchange across clouds, and business process automation.

Top 5 Benefits Of Microsoft Azure For Business

When it comes to cloud computing, businesses must carefully evaluate the top Azure benefits for their enterprises.

AWS vs Azure: What You Should Choose For Enterprise App Development?

Cloud computing got a kickstart when Amazon launched AWS (Amazon Web Services) in 2006.

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