IoT App Development Service

With our IoT app development service, we help enterprises build smart IoT solutions and convert analog items into digital products using IoT platforms, firmware, and sensors.

Our IoT App Development Services

IoT-enabled apps can be built on various technologies. Innovative technologies are integrated with cloud services, analytics, and our IoT architecture. It assists businesses in fostering an actionable IoT design, interpreting data, and enforcing diversified plans ranging from idea validation and roadmap creation to selecting the best IoT platform. You can choose our IoT app development service or reach out to us for a primary discussion on the best technology fit for your product idea. 

Embedded IoT and M2M Systems

We develop and implement embedded apps and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, and sensors) in various IoT and M2M devices, such as smart home appliances, industrial automation mechanisms (IIoT), consumer electronics, smart cars, and wearables. We employ apps built into IoT/M2M devices with sensors, touch displays, and other input capabilities, as well as real-time data transfer capabilities.

Seamless Networking Solutions

We create specialized Universal Plug and Play to discover wireless and smart devices through WiFi networks, NFC, RFID, iBeacon, LAN, LoRaWAN, BLE, and Bluetooth networks (UPnP) protocols. Additionally, we create embedded applications for the automatic identification, tying together, and verification of smart devices.

Broad IoT/M2M Connectivity

We deliver IoT app development services that use IPv6 identification protocols, REST and SOAP web services, and API interfaces for all standard IoT/M2M designs. These permit system-to-system bidirectional JSON and XML communication.

Sensor development

We develop various sensors that measure motion (including precise directions and gestures), pressure, temperature, humidity, the presence and vicinity of objects, and environmental conditions (water quality, chemicals, and gases present). We support the automation of tasks, including machine learning, proximity alerts, industrial machine operation, and location tracking.

IoT Database Solutions

We develop and deploy fault-tolerant, consistently available, and intelligently distributed NoSQL databases for in-system and cloud hosting that are scalable to the maximum extent possible. We work with these technologies in addition to managed IoT databases from AWS, including MongoDB, Kinesis, and DynamoDB.

IoT Application Development for Wearables

With our Iot app development service you get applications that can be used with wearable technology, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart glasses, and AR/VR headsets. Our developers develop self-tracking applications that reach a highly connected audience with spending power to achieve an early-mover advantage.

Our Proud Clients

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Our End-to-End IoT App Development Process

Our developers undertake a meticulous approach to better understand your company’s objectives and how to create an engaging, user-friendly, and smooth IoT app for your target audience.

Analyzation & Ideation

The first step in creating the ideal IoT app is to engage in considerable analysis and brainstorming. Our developers will thoroughly examine the app concept to ensure it is unique and allows for a monopoly. Before beginning any projects or operations, we ensure we understand the app’s purpose.

User-centric Design

Making a user-centric design is the next step in our IoT development process. Our designers will turn the feature requests into bespoke designs based on the information gained during the analysis and brainstorming stages. Our designers will develop various design prototypes to provide a range of possibilities.

Development & Integration

Once design concepts are complete, it’s time for our developers to start working on developing and integrating the IoT applications. We will begin building the application from the ground up and incorporating it with the IoT device.

Deployment & Testing

Once the development process is over, we conduct thorough testing to ensure that every module of the IoT application is secure and free of logical flaws before we install it. Our team won’t make the code on the IoT network available for industrial use until testing is over.

Maintenance Support & Enhancements

After deployment, we continue looking for methods to improve the IoT app’s functionality even after it has been released to set it apart from competing IoT apps. Our maintenance team will be by our client’s side if they experience any difficulty using the app or have any recommendations for enhancements.

IoT App Development Service – Benefits

Iot development benefits

1. Smart Homes & Buildings

IoT-assisted devices are present in smart homes and businesses, enabling a broad environment of increased resource and energy management with IOT-enabled devices like networked CCTV cameras for homes and intelligent heating systems.

2. Real-Time Monitoring

Businesses can reduce hazards in their daily operations using real-time monitoring facilitated by IOT. Increased employee productivity, location tracking, and safety compliance are all ensured. IOT technology primarily lowers the possibility of human error and streamlines the automated tracking process.

3. Wearables Solutions

It is claimed that 82% of American users of wearable IOT devices have a better quality of life. The sensors gather and analyze data to give consumers a thorough understanding of their health. These gadgets are helpful for quick tracking of fitness, health, and personal safety.

4. Healthcare Optimization

With enhanced and revolutionary operating capabilities for the healthcare industry, the intelligence of the Internet of Things revolutionizes the medical sector. IoT technology has facilitated appointments, boosting patients’ access to medical treatment and doctor’s ability to provide higher-quality medical care.

IoT App Development – Tool & Technology

Our IoT App developers recommend the best technology stack to develop digital mobile solutions for business

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Working with Markovate

Markovate is detail-oriented and ensures that their work is of the highest magnitude in addition to being excellent at what they do.

Jeff Powell

CEO, Landmark Athletics Inc.

I recommend Markovate to owners looking to design a new product or planning to develop it. Their team is fully skilled in building mobile applications and web solutions. 

Lucie Lalumiere

President & CEO, Interactive Ontario

Worked with Markovate and Mansi Takyar for our software launch in Canada. She has excellent business sense and truly added value to our product’s success. We highly recommend Markovate.

David Singh

VP Strategy and Operations, Kira Talent

In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience & outcomes were excellent from conception to creation & throughout the evolution phase. We are grateful that we could find Markovate to assist us as our mobile application met our expectations.

Michael Sedigh

CFO, 3M Corporation

Worked with Rajeev and Mansi both for Hawaii Revealed app development and launch. Excellent people with a thorough understanding of their business. Experts in providing solutions for scalability and product modernization. 

George Thompson

Sr. VP, Hawaii Revealed

Markovate has helped us build multiple products in the past. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for product development.

John D

CEO, Aisle24

In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience and outcomes were excellent from the conception to the creation of our travel mobile app.

Edward Pascual

Project Manager, Trapaze

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FAQs – IoT App Development Service

What are the maintenance and support requirements for IoT Solution Development?

A competently led software development environment and a system runtime environment enabling extraordinarily secure and robust modular software development make up the maintenance and support needs for IoT solution development.

How much time will it take to build IoT Application?

It will take about 12 weeks to develop an IoT app with basic functionality and a standard user interface, which includes firmware development, application development, and deployment on the AWS Cloud. The timeframe can change from 12 to 16 weeks if the program requires a lot of module development, integration, and testing.

What is an IoT sensor?

In general, sensors are tools that recognize and react to environmental changes. Multiple sources provide inputs, including light, temperature, motion, and pressure. Sensors produce valuable data, which they can share with other linked devices and management systems if they are networked. They enable firms to undertake predictive maintenance and reduce costly downtime by alerting you to possible issues before they become significant issues. Business owners can obtain insight into important trends and make informed, evidence-based decisions by analyzing the trends in the sensor data.

How does IoT connect to the cloud?

Depending on the device’s connectivity capabilities, there are many possible ways to connect a device to the cloud. Some options include cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) (such as NB-IoT), and direct Ethernet Internet access.

How is IoT related to AI?

IoT and AI’s convergence can completely reshape businesses, industries, and economies. IoT with AI capabilities produces intelligent machines that mimic human intelligence and assist decision-making with little human input. Their combination can be combined to build “smart machines” that emulate cognitive behavior and make informed decisions with little human involvement. As a result, innovation picks up speed, which can significantly increase production for the participating organizations.

IoT industrial automation

How Is IoT Revolutionizing Industrial Automation?

Even though flutter is new (launched in 2018), it has gained a reputation as one of the most sought-after and popular frameworks in the development precinct.

IoT App Development key-steps

6 Steps To Kick-Start IoT App Development For Your Business

If simpler times called for simpler measures, then technical times need even more technological succession to make a living– the simplest! For example, the capability of a smartphone app to affect a person’s daily presence (digitally) has dramatically increased thanks to IoT.

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