Creating IoT solutions by integrating sensors and other components, implementing IoT in big data

As a full-stack IoT development company, we help startups and companies build smart IoT solutions and convert analog items into digital products utilizing IoT platforms, firmware, and sensors. Our IoT app development service includes innovative technologies synced with cloud services and analytics. It assists businesses in fostering an actionable IoT design, interpreting data, and enforcing diversified plans ranging from idea validation and roadmap creation to selecting the best IoT platform. We use the Java and Kotlin programming languages to create IoT-enabled apps, adhering to a clean design.

IoT Enabled Apps Expertise

IoT Firmware Development & Integration
With our IoT app development service, you can integrate your existing IoT networks with newer applications. We will assist you in getting started with IoT networks as quickly as possible by developing powerful integrations that work around the clock with no downtime.
Data Analytics & Data Visualization
A lot of data is produced by IoT systems, thus analytics should always be performed on this data. We offer IoT data analytics and visualization services to make that process simpler. This will enable you to derive insights from your machine data and enhance current procedures by making them effective and simple.
Industrial IoT Solutions
All significant industrial and commercial sectors, including banking and finance, e-commerce, supply chain management, healthcare, business process outsourcing (BPO), manufacturing, logistics, information technology, automotive, retail, commuting services, marketing and advertising, hospitality, and all other sectors where machinery, equipment, appliances, and devices need to exchange information with one another to perform at their best, can build Internet of Things environments. In order to create precisely balanced, reliable, and effective custom IoT solutions, our development team carefully considers each application area and makes use of the most recent technologies.
Embedded IoT and M2M Systems
In a variety of IoT and M2M products, such as smart home appliances, industrial automation mechanisms, consumer electronics, and smart cars, we programme and integrate embedded software and firmware (microcontrollers, processors, gateways, and sensors). Our IoT app development service offers software that is integrated into Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices that have sensors, touch displays, and other types of input.
IoT Database Solutions
We design and integrate fault-tolerant, consistently available, and intelligently distributed NoSQL databases hosted in the cloud and within systems for maximum scalability. Our developers also incorporate managed IoT databases like MongoDB, Kinesis, and DynamoDB from AWS. Our IoT app development service creates a robust pipeline that ensures all data is uploaded and reorganized for quick analysis.
Broad IoT/M2M Connectivity
For all major IoT/M2M designs, we offer a specialized IoT app development service that integrate web services and APIs. These services make use of IPv6 identification protocols as well as REST and SOAP web services. These enable in system-to-system JSON and XML communication.

Stages of IoT App Development

Industries We Serve


We have been creating innovative retail app solutions that speed up digital growth. Our team also focuses on building scalable e-commerce experiences using the best tech capabilities.
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We have been specifically delivering standout travel mobile app development solutions for the travel industry. With the aim to create best-in-industry travel experiences for end-users.
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We have been transforming conventional banking as well as financial services infrastructure. Also delivering fintech apps equipped with modern technologies currently dominates the FinTech market.
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We provide HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare solutions. Also, empowering enterprises with a distinct vision to contribute to digital healthcare.
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We have curated a comprehensive SaaS product development strategy. Using effective building blocks vital for enterprise-grade SaaS apps.
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Sports & Fitness

We have been delivering UX-driven premium sports as well as fitness apps. Our team also builds creative fitness app solutions with a user-centric approach.
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We have been creating innovative, intuitive and creative digital experiences for the Edtech industry. Our approach is based on design thinking, optimal functionality and agile app development.

Electric Vehicle(EV)

We have been creating the most up-to-date applications for the EV industry. Our team uses the potential of modern app technologies to create well-defined and efficient EV apps.

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  • Business goals oriented

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  • Business goals oriented

  • Premium mobile products

  • Attention to detail


How do you create an IoT application?

Four key steps make up the process of creating IoT apps:

  • Choosing the hardware
  • Selecting a centralized data storage
  • Developing the server-side of data-handling algorithms
  • Create a front-end
What are examples of IoT devices?

The most widely used Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets in use today include the Google Home, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dash Button, August Doorbell Cam, August Smart Lock, Kuri Mobile Robot, Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch, and Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System.

What are the maintenance and support requirements for IoT Solution Development?

A system runtime environment for enabling the highly safe and reliable modular software construction is included in the maintenance and support requirements for IoT solution development, along with a competently driven software development environment.

What is Custom IoT Development?

IoT development is the process of creating IoT devices and apps that can be controlled remotely and used to track the environment or state of a connected object using sensors and outside data sources. Custom IoT development is carried out to satisfy a business’s unique needs.

Working with Markovate

“I approached Markovate to create an app. With the help of their team, we have been able to develop an incredible iOS & Android app. The product development team at Markovate has always surprised us with some unique features and algorithms.”

Amr Ismail

Managing Director, Skep Inc.

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

“The mobile app launched with positive reviews from beta testers, customers and praise from key stakeholders. The quality of the build and smooth UX/UI surpassed expectations. The knowledgeable and responsive team at Markovate manages the workflow in a seamless manner.”

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

“We’re pleased with application Markovate developed for my travel company that was designed with features that matched our mission. The Markovate offered top-quality maintenance and support in addition. They’re organized and transparent.”

Mehran Sedigh

Vice President

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