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With Xamarin, build apps with the look and feel of native using a single .NET code

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Utilizing Xamarin, our developers specifically write all applications in C#, along with the ability to share the application code across all mobile app development platforms. As a Xamarin app development company, our team incorporates proven techniques for increasing the app performance as well as the perceived performance of Xamarin.Forms applications.

01. Performance Centric Development Techniques

We use strategies that collectively lower the amount of work performed by a CPU as well as the amount of memory consumed by an application.

02. Compiled Coding

To maximize the benefits of the software explicitly, we compile XAML straight into an intermediate language (IL) using the XAML compiler.

03. Layout Compression

We remove specified layouts from the visual tree as part of layout compression to significantly enhance page rendering performance.

We use standard native interface controls so that the apps not only look optimal to native devices but also behave and function synchronized with the native user interface. This explicitly delivers device-specific digital experiences for end-users.

01. Coding

For creating native UI for iOS, Android, as well as Windows, we use Xamarin.Forms code contained in a .NET Standard library.

02. Xamarin UI controls

We utilize the four main control groups, i.e. Pages, Layouts, Views as well as Cells, to create the interface of Xamarin applications.

03. Third-party controls

We also implement third-party controls along with the controls deployed with Xamarin.Forms.

We enable access to the full range of capability across both platforms and devices via Xamarin, as well as platform-specific capabilities such as ARKit and Android Multi-Window mode. Also, being a well-known Xamarin app development company, we assure that every component of Xamarin development is correctly configured.

01. Platform-Specific APIs

We use Microsoft's 'Xamarin Essentials' in order to provide a variety of platform-specific APIs to maximize Xamarin implementation capabilities.

02. Dependency Injection

We leverage dependency injection to utilize both native and shared code, efficiently providing fluid functionality in sync with the native environment.

03. Compiled Coding

While keeping a clean design, we enable access to platform-specific APIs. The app development is compiled through single code for several operating systems such as iOS, Android, as well as Windows.

Applications built with Xamarin are explicitly integrated with SDKs of all OS. We also deploy a continuous integration environment for scalability. Xamarin SDKs, Xamarin.Forms and Mono runtime are open-source frameworks and hence provide a wide range of capabilities.

01. Azure Pipelines

Using Azure Pipelines, we create the same or separate pipelines for OS. This provides a suitable environment, particularly for seamless integration.

02. App Center

When we build Xamarin iOS or Android solutions using App Center, it provides easy integrations along with a number of tools and resources like GitHub, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket.

03. Jenkins

By configuring Jenkins as a continuous integration server, we can not only compile and configure Xamarin apps but also deploy them.

Target users across all platforms with a single Xamarin deployment

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Xamarin App Development: Common FAQs Answered

What are the advantages of Xamarin?

The benefits of Xamarin are:

  • Native iOS, Android, as well as Windows apps, can be built using existing skills, and code (C#, XAML).
  • We can also fully utilize Native APIs with Xamarin.
  • Xamarin Component Store allows us to add high-quality components to our App directly from IDE, including controls, as well as web service APIs.

Finally, if you want to learn more about how Xamarin may help your app then do not hesitate to consult a certified Xamarin app development company, contact us.

What is the difference between XAML & AXML in Xamarin technology?

Both AXML and XAML are two different XML specifications. While AXML is just supported/available for Xamarin. XAML specifically for Android is a way for Xamarin.Forms to standardize cross-platform UI based on XML requirements.

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