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iPhone App Development Services

Using iOS 16, with many more customization options, your digital product can be more powerful and intuitive. Additionally, iOS is entirely secure, making it the perfect choice for companies that must protect their data. Learn more about our iPhone app development service and how we can help you build an intuitive and secure iPhone application on iOS.

Swift & Objective C iOS App Development

We provide cutting-edge Swift and Objective-C iPhone app development services in various industry verticals. Regardless of the scope or complexity, our professional competence ensures that employing Swift and Objective-C iOS application development services helps establish a strategy to fulfill organizational mobility goals.

iOS App Upgrade

As part of our iPhone app development services, we can provide a hassle-free iOS App Upgrade due to our comprehensive understanding of the iOS environment. We update your application to run on the most recent version of iOS and ensure that it is compatible with the newest Apple devices. Our team makes sure your app complies with all relevant technological trends.

iOS Architecture

We use VIPER, MVCS, MVVM, Clean Swift, and other iOS architecture techniques. In the process of creating iOS apps, we also put a strong emphasis on quality, scalability, adaptability, and security. For various iOS app requirements, our team of developers specifically designs architecture techniques. Set up thorough “event patterns” to alert and group multiple parts of your program.

Native iPhone App Development Service

Our developers can produce high-end platform-specific apps since they thoroughly understand native iOS technologies, including Swift, Objective-C, C++, Cocoa Touch UI, etc. We design dynamic, simple, and user-friendly native iOS mobile apps. The appearance of your app will be the same on all iOS devices.

Hybrid iPhone App Development Service

We create state-of-the-art hybrid iOS apps that function reliably across many mobile devices. To create fully-functional hybrid apps, our engineers make the best use of frameworks like Flutter, Sencha Touch, React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, etc. We incorporate a variety of mobile platform-optimized app features that are user-friendly.

iOS App UI/UX Designing

Our UI/UX designers produce stunning iOS apps design that enhance the appeal of your iOS mobile app. They ensure an engaging UX and focus on establishing a straightforward UI. We create iOS apps with the highest possible performance and functionality while grabbing everyone’s attention.

Our Proud Clients

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Our End-to-End iPhone App Development Process

Our developers undertake a meticulous approach to better understand your company’s objectives and how to create an engaging, user-friendly, and smooth iOS app for your target audience.

Research & Ideation

Before creating your iOS app, we hold conversations with you better to understand your business needs and the present workflow. After our discussion, we thoroughly study and develop workable solutions that satisfy the requirements of your business.

User-Focused Design (PoC)

We use a collaborative method to produce interactive architecture prototypes once the iOS app development option has been decided upon. The teams working on it can now pick the ideal typography, fonts, colors, and layout according to their requirements.

iOS Application Development & Integration

To swiftly develop an iOS app, our developers use an agile app development process. The most intriguing element at this point is when our skilled programmers begin coding your solution. Additionally, we take care of your hardware and firmware integration.

Deployment & Testing

We don’t just make an app and hand it over to you. We put it through extensive testing to make sure your app solution is error-free and lag-free. We will then give it to you for review after we finish that. After receiving your permission, we will deploy the solution.

Maintenance Support & Enhancements

We provide maintenance support to ensure the iOS app works flawlessly for you and bespoke software testing. We also improve the solutions in response to consumer input. Even after the app is released, we continue to put in great effort to please.

iPhone App Development Service – Benefits

1. Excellent UX/UI

Since native apps are created with just one platform in mind, there is no need to make the user interface compromises to function well on both platforms. Remember that certain platform-specific features that may alter the UX, like widgets or app clips, can be developed more quickly and efficiently when using native iOS development.

2. In-house transfer options

It’s a smart idea to choose native iOS development if you intend to move the project in-house at some point. Finding capable cross-platform developers might be more difficult, but assembling a team of native iOS developers shouldn’t be too difficult.

iOS App Development@2x
iOS App Development@2x

3. Dependability and support

When it comes to community support or the availability of development resources, Swift is more dependable than any of the cross-platform languages because it is a more developed language. In addition, they are less vulnerable to sudden changes.

4. Future-proof and scalable

Swift is less prone to change as rapidly as cross-platform frameworks because it is an established, well-supported language. Additionally, keep in mind that because just one platform needs to be set up, native apps are easier to scale, implement upgrades, and add new features to.

iPhone App Development Service – Tool & Technology

Our iPhone developers recommend the best technology stack to develop digital mobile solutions for business

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ios app development tools_mobile@2x
ios app development tools_tablet@2x

Working with Markovate

We have worked with Markovate for more than a year to build our enterprise product design and prototype. We worked closely with the team, and they were always on top of their deliverables. They are very professional in their processes and have always suggested the best solutions for our product development. Highly recommended.

Anil Wasney

Director of Technology, FedEx

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

Markovate has always stood out due to its consistently high professionalism and customer support standards. They have helped us build multiple products in the past. We recommend them to anyone looking for product development.

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience and outcomes were excellent from conception to creation and throughout the complete evolution phase. They ensure that every project they undertake receives the best possible attention and enthusiasm. We are grateful that we could find Markovate to assist us because our mobile application met our expectations.

Michael Lavry

VP, Dell Technologies

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iPhone App Development Service: Common FAQs Answered

Will you assist me in publishing my iPhone app in App Store?

Yes, after you have collaborated with us, we will be in charge of ensuring the flawless deployment and publication of your iOS app from sprints to launch. Our specific iPhone app development service include additional support with app optimization and ideal app release to the Apple store.

How much does it cost to convert an iOS app to an Android?

Several factors play into estimating iPhone app development costs, including the app’s type, its complexity, iOS apps design, and the technology stack needed. With Markovate, you can be assured of a perfect combination of cost and quality for all your business needs.

How long does it take to build an iPhone App?

A smaller version of the iPhone application takes about two months to produce. However, developing a more robust version of the iPhone application takes 3 to 5 months. But, the complexity of the design, the developer’s skill level, the features and functionality, testing, and other elements will all impact how long it takes to develop an iPhone app. To find out the estimated time, please get in touch with us with your needs.

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