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Our iPhone app developer build scalable and fully-functional mobile app solutions

Our iPhone App Developer’s Expertise

We use iOS architecture methods like MVCS, MVVM, Clean Swift, as well as VIPER. We also focus on quality, scalability, adaptability and security in our iOS app development process.

01. Architecture

Our team of developers explicitly devise architecture methods for different iOS app requirements. Also, set comprehensive ‘event patterns’ to notify and consolidate different components of your app.

02. Modules

We specifically divide each architecture method into modules for efficiently addressing issues using independent, interchangeable units responsible for each segment of development.

03. Engineer

Our team applies tried-and-true iOS development principles to engineer 'models,' 'views,' stores,' as well as other iOS app components.

We are committed to delivering human-centred designs, particularly for iOS apps that give an edge to your brand. Our designers also follow Apple’s Human Interface guidelines for an extraordinary iOS experience.

01. Native UI

We create Apple's native UI elements and technologies not only for icon dimensions and user control but also for actions.

02. App Aesthetic

Our designers maintain the aesthetic integrity of your app according to your app type and industry so that it serves your users and encourages app engagement.

03. Interactive designs

We incorporate interactive elements in iOS app designs like progress indicators, animation, as well as gestures.

When developing a service that is credible for users and adds value to their lives, we focus on app security. To ensure optimal security, we explicitly adhere to Apple's iOS Security Guide.

01. Storage Security

We set accurate protection levels for storing data like files as well as passwords. Also, check that the app's data storage is secure and protected.

02. Protection

To protect your app against security attacks that intercept your encrypted traffic, we also set up certificate pinning.

03. Secure Launch

We take extra care and ensure to set up proper log levels before releasing your iOS app.

We explicitly work with a diverse set of technologies and programming languages to develop iOS apps right from wireframing, to design, development, and testing. Our team of developers specifically brings together an efficient technology stack for rendering an efficient solution that fits each enterprise’s requirements.

01. Technology

As an iOS app development company, we ensure that the technologies we deploy are not only adaptable, scalable, reliable but also secure.

02. Tools

For iOS development, we particularly use tools like Apple’s XCode and AppCode for building comprehensive iOS apps. And also programming languages like Objective C and Swift.

03. End-to-End iOS development

Our designers use UIKit as well as SwiftUI for native UI elements and designs for iOS apps. We provide holistic iOS app development from design, prototype and deployment to deliver successful iOS apps that overall receives top rankings on app stores.

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Industries We Serve


We have been creating innovative retail app solutions that speed up digital growth. Our team also focuses on building scalable e-commerce experiences using the best tech capabilities.
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We have been specifically delivering standout travel mobile app solutions for the travel industry. With the aim to create best-in-industry travel experiences for end-users.
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We have been transforming conventional banking as well as financial services infrastructure. Also delivering fintech apps equipped with modern technologies currently dominates the FinTech market.
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We provide HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare solutions. Also, empowering enterprises with a distinct vision to contribute to digital healthcare.
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We have curated a comprehensive SaaS product development strategy. Using effective building blocks vital for enterprise-grade SaaS apps.
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Sports & Fitness

We have been delivering UX-driven premium sports as well as fitness apps. Our team also builds creative fitness solutions with a user-centric approach.
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SaaS . Expansive, integrated technology that spans your transit agency. View Work


Marketplace . An easy-to-use marketplace making buying and selling seamless online. View Work

iOS App Development: Common FAQs Answered

Which tools and technologies do you use for iOS or iPhone app development?

We work on all the latest as well as advanced iOS app technologies. As an iOS app development company, we use the latest mobile app technologies and frameworks specifically iPhone native/ Android native/ IONIC/ Flutter/ React Native, and more.

Will you assist me in publishing my iPhone app in App Store?

Yes, right from sprints to launch, once you have partnered with us, the smooth deployment and publishing of your iOS app is our responsibility. Also, our exclusive iOS app development services include support for optimizing and smooth publishing the app on the Apple store.

Should we support the iPad version for iOS app development?

Of course, an iPad and tablet version makes your app accessible to diverse users. If you have the flexibility as well as time, your iOS app should support both. Any iOS app development company will surely recommend both versions of apps be developed simultaneously.

I'd like to keep my iOS app concept confidential. Will you agree to sign an NDA with me?

Every project at Markovate specifically begins with an NDA. We are responsible for your project and ensure that your intellectual property is always protected as well as secure. Indeed, we believe that signing an NDA is an essential step in the mobile app development process.

Will you be sending me regular updates?

Of course, we maintain complete openness throughout all phases and stages of product development, and we collaborate closely with our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

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