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At Markovate, we combine technology, creativity, and innovation to build enticing user interfaces and provide outstanding digital experiences. Using the most recent technology, we plan, design, and develop one-of-a-kind digital solutions while selecting colors, fonts, and typography most suited for your app. For startups, small businesses, and large corporations alike, our app design company is the ideal option. We adhere to a clearly defined UX approach that enables us to develop intuitive applications with excellent user interfaces and outstanding user experiences.

UI/UX Design Services

User Interface (UI) Development

Graphics libraries like OpenGL as well as WebGL are the areas of expertise for our UI/UX designers. We also work with your stakeholders and IT team to create a style that complements your business culture. This style may include color schemes, logo designs, as well as layouts.

Information Architecture Design

Our developers build innovative content management lifecycles, content models, as well as sturdy Document Information Typing Architecture (DITA) while simplifying an organic process flow for conversion rate optimization (CRO) using the best technologies available in the industry.

Mobile UX/UI Development

We create highly responsive UI/UX designs for progressive web apps that fully exploit touchscreen functionality and also offer mobile-first user experiences using frameworks like Xamarin, DevExpress, Ionic, Appcelerator, and PhoneGap.

Intuitive & Interactive Solutions

We create straightforward solutions with goal-driven, practical designs using well-known UI guidelines like Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) as well as Material Design to promote better user responses and simplify communication between a user and the interface.

Our featured mobile solutions built for Enterprises

Featured Work


We built an internal app for FedEx to provide easy access to audit the deliveries by the ops team. The team monitored and visualized the route efficiency of the drivers. With our app, they are able to:

  • Optimize Route For Deliveries
  • Forecast Shipping Delays

Kraft foods

Markovate developed a software solution for Kraft Foods to streamline their operational activities, including product development, supply, and distribution. The solutions we built for them included:

  • Custom CMS Development
  • iFood Chatbot


For Dell Technologies, Markovate developed an interactive POC that recommended products, their cost, carbon footprint, and networking configurations for eCommerce transactions.

  • Recommendation Engine
  • Inventory Management


We have designed an MVP for Ford’s upcoming EV initiative. It was cloud-based connectivity, with downloaded software upgrades and an F-150 for the electric revolution..

  • Material Design Guidelines
  • Dark Theme


Using gamification, Markovate differentiated PepsiCo from its competitors. To accelerate brand growth across various touchpoints, our team also designed a beautiful, intriguing, and consistent interface for PepsiCo.

  • In-app Barcode Scanning
  • Streamlined Digital Forms


Our team developed a custom event parser that used a Kafka Message Queue to process millions of records during a live broadcast.

  • Event Analytics
  • Data Parsing


Our team collaborated with Trapeze and engineered a mobile product that significantly elevated the design and functionality of the application, delivering a frictionless customer journey.

  • Automated Runcutting
  • Interactive Voice Response

Featured Work

Our UI/UX Design End-To-End Process

Our designers undertake a meticulous approach to better understand your company’s objectives and how to create an engaging, user-friendly, and smooth app for your target users.

Discovery Process

We thoroughly investigate user information, technical constraints, business goals, as well as needs during the discovery phase using user and stakeholder interviews, content and site audits, task analyses, and ecosystem mapping.

In-Depth User Research

Our extensive user research approach gives us essential insights into the features that users would demand from a product. To comprehend behavioral factors and enhance workflows, we develop user journeys and profiles of individual users.

UX Audit Process

We employ empirical techniques to increase conversions and ensure that critical user-specific actions, such as actions, menu items, and main navigation, are conveniently situated and recognizable, facilitating users’ completion of tasks on the website.

Gathering Requirements

We conduct in-depth research to fully comprehend the project before producing a requirements definition document that thoroughly explains each requirement and helps the project stay on schedule.


To build a skeleton of the app that acts as the basis for the high fidelity mockup design, we develop wireframes for our applications utilizing programs like Sketch, Photoshop, as well as Invision, along with a few concepts of the high fidelity mockups.


To ensure a seamless development process, we build every product focusing on clinical effectiveness. We also fine-tune the user flows while giving our clients a sneak peek at what the result will look like using technologies like Invision and Adobe XD.

Visual Design Process

We perform user-centric evaluations to provide a user experience beyond appearance. With a precise understanding of users, tasks, and environments as the foundation, we also concentrate on functionality and usability to build a user experience.

UX/UI Testing

To assess the usability of the finished product with actual users, we employ techniques like Concurrent Think Aloud (CTA), Retrospective Think Aloud (RTA), Concurrent Probing (CP), and Retrospective Probing (RP), site analytics, and A/B Testing.

UI/UX Design – Tool & Technology

Our UI/UX Designers recommend the best technology stack to develop digital mobile solutions for business

UX Design
UX Design
UX Design

Working with Markovate

We have worked with Markovate for more than a year to build our enterprise product design and prototype. We worked closely with the team, and they were always on top of their deliverables. They are very professional in their processes and have always suggested the best solutions for our product development. Highly recommended.

Anil Wasney

Director of Technology, FedEx

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

Markovate has always stood out due to its consistently high professionalism and customer support standards. They have helped us build multiple products in the past. We recommend them to anyone looking for product development.

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience and outcomes were excellent from conception to creation and throughout the complete evolution phase. They ensure that every project they undertake receives the best possible attention and enthusiasm. We are grateful that we could find Markovate to assist us because our mobile application met our expectations.

Michael Lavry

VP, Dell Technologies

Industries We Serve

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