Charging solution for grid stability and sustainable energy utilization

PIEV offers a bi-directional charging solution enhancing grid stability and sustainable energy use. It integrates smart charging, predictive analytics, Vehicle-to-Grid technology, and secure blockchain transactions for an efficient, resilient, and future-ready energy ecosystem.
  • Smart Charging
  • Grid Resilience
  • Secure Transactions


Modern electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure struggles with grid demands, efficiency bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities. This creates a significant challenge in seamlessly integrating sustainable energy sources and maintaining grid stability, hindering the transition towards a more sustainable energy future.


PIEV introduces a groundbreaking bi-directional charging solution, leveraging smart predictive analytics and robust Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. It integrates secure blockchain transactions, enhancing grid resilience, optimizing energy utilization, and establishing a secure, efficient, and sustainable ecosystem for EV charging.

PIEV’s Tech Trio: Unbreakable Records, AR, and Voice Command

Tamper-Proof Record

Tamper-Proof Record

Blockchain technology ensures immutable, transparent records for all charging sessions and transactions, bolstering security and trust.
AR Experience

AR Experience

Augmented reality overlays real-time charging station information, enhancing user interaction and station visibility.
Voice-Activated Control

Voice Control

Advanced voice recognition allows intuitive, hands-free operation, streamlining user experience and interaction with the app.
Smart Station Finder

Smart Station Finder

Incorporates GPS and real-time data analytics to locate nearby EV charging stations. Integrated with Google Maps SDK, it offers seamless navigation and up-to-date station information, ensuring convenience and efficiency in finding available charging options.

Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Technology

Employs advanced software enabling two-way energy flow between EVs and the grid. Developed using Java for real-time data processing, it optimizes grid stability and energy utilization, enhancing the sustainability of the electrical system.

Technical Architecture


Tools and Technologies Used

Predictive Charging-piev

Predictive Charging

Utilizes ARIMA and LSTM networks to analyze user data, predicting charging needs. Developed with Python and its robust data analysis libraries, this feature optimizes charging schedules based on user patterns, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

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