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  About WePay

WePay is a cryptocurrency wallet that gives customers a means to verify their account balance to see how much cryptocurrency they hold, manage their cryptocurrency assets securely, make payments without being monitored, and explore the BTC marketplace. This app’s design was primarily driven by the need to reduce the learning curve for crypto wallet apps and to make DEX wallets simpler and more accessible for the average user who isn’t crypto savvy.

  Why is Crypto wallet needed?

Crypto wallets are needed for several critical things some of which are listed below

  Pain Points

Management of cryptocurrency.Crypto wallets provide users with the ability to monitor a balance for cryptocurrency assets.

Management of cryptocurrency.Crypto wallets provide users with the ability to monitor a balance for cryptocurrency assets.

Transactions. Sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments is an important feature of crypto wallets and a primary reason why they are needed.
Connection to decentralized apps (dApps). In order to connect and interact with Web 3.0 dApps, a crypto wallet is required.

Key management. Functionally, cryptocurrency exists on the blockchain as a public key address. A crypto wallet helps users to manage the private encryption keys that are used to access a given address and enable a transaction.

  Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Decentralized exchanges, are peer-to-peer marketplaces where cryptocurrency traders make transactions directly without handing over management of their funds to an intermediary. These transactions are facilitated through the use of self-executing agreements written in code called smart contracts.

  Cryptocurrency Trading

An exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency using different fiat currencies or altcoins. A Cryptocurrency wallet is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency.




  Design Guidelines


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  Visual Design

Onboarding Screens

Splash Screen
Onboarding Screen
Log In
Create Account


  This unique Homescreen for users comprises of My Wallet card where you can see your wallet balance and and crypto rate change.

You can Deposit and Withdraw your Crypto or Fiat currency directly through the Homescreen which makes it more user friendly.

Provided with recommendation for Crypto which are trending now so you can stay updated with latest Cryptocurrency.

Charging and stats

    Wallet section in WePay app consist of 2 wallets i.e Crypto wallet and Fiat wallet

In Crypto wallet you can buy, sell and exchange your cryptocurrency to source app or to other people.

It shows you the list of Holdings in every crypto

History for every buy, sell, transfer to wallet is shown in the Transaction section list so you dont miss out on anything.

Crypto Wallet
Fiat Wallet

    A fiat wallet is a place where one can digitally store, send and receive a fiat currency

You can add currency accordingly and Deposit or Withdraw Cryptocurrency through your bank account

History for every transfer to wallet is shown in the Transaction section list so you dont miss out on anything.

Transfer crypto to fiat wallet

Select Crypto
Book Charger
Book Now

 You can buy, sell and transfer Cryptocurrency by selecting any of your holdings.

You can Deposit, Withdraw or Exchange Cryptocurrency.

But if want to Withdraw the Cryptocurrency it cant be directly converted and withdrawn.

You need to transfer it to Fiat wallet and then transfer it to you bank account.

Trade- buy and sell crypto

Buy Crypto
Sell Crypto

   Trading screen offers you to Buy and Sell Crypto directly in the market and see how other Cryptocurrency is performing.

Buy Crypto and let it store in the Crypto wallet and pay using Debit/Credit card or by Fiat wallet currency.

By Selling Crypto in market you can earn currency whichwill be directly added in your Fiat Wallet

MArket-P2P, Decentralized Exchange

  The service is a P2P
that allows you to directly trade cryptocurrencies with other users using your preferred local currency, price, and payment method.

You can also trade in e-commerce with exchange trade of goods using your preferred local currency

Fiat Wallet

  Decentralized exchange eliminates the fees banks and financial companies charge for using their services. Individuals hold money in a secure digital wallet, can transfer funds in minutes, and anyone with an internet connection can use it.

Additional screens

Choose Crypto

    While you create your account on WePay, you need to scan biometrics to have safety regarding your app and account.

  You can Buy or Sell Crypto directly through your wallet by selling Buy or Sell and choose between your desired Cryptocurrencies.


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