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Doctor On Demand App Development: Introduction

Today, the smartphone revolution allows you to order anything on-demand, from food to taxis, personal trainers, and even doctors. Healthcare app development has shown massive growth in recent years. The doctor on demand app development market is roughly $132.7 billion, which is expected to grow by 2025. The world saw a rapid rise in this market in 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The doctor on demand apps helps patients to examine remotely and allow the surgeon or hospital to reduce healthcare costs. Owning this advantage, physicians and hospitals are looking forward to digitally adopting health technologies into their practice. The doctor on demand app is an excellent solution. It provides users with regular health check-ups, dieting tips, and even the facility to book appointments in an emergency. In addition, it is much easier to get medical help through healthcare app development solutions instead of standing in a queue outside the clinic and waiting for their turn.

Doctor On Demand App Market

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a sudden outbreak worldwide, as hospitals began to crowd out COVID-positive patients. As a result, the burden on health workers has also increased. Prebooking surgeries and appointments were postponed or canceled—hence an urgent need for doctors to adopt healthcare apps to connect with their patients.

As a result, healthcare app development has emerged as a powerful weapon against the battle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The international market for healthcare app development is projected to reach USD 111.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 38.26% between the projection period (2019-2025), and cross USD 300 billion for on-demand medical apps for doctors is expected to cross USD 300 billion by 2025.

Here, in this article, we will express how doctor’s on demand medical apps are revolutionizing the healthcare app development industry, the benefits, challenges, features too, including the health sector, and things that will help you in reaping the profits of investing in this idea.

Top 6 Doctor On Demand App Development Benefits

Doctors’ on demand app development have boomed the healthcare enterprise, mainly by providing a comfort zone to people who live in areas that are not easily accessible from medical professionals and facilities.

Some of the advantages of building an on-demand doctors app include:

Doctor on Demand App: Benefits

1. Quicker Healthcare Solutions

A Doctor on Demand App can offer medical care to remote areas without clinic access. When there is a shortage of medical personnel, the services help people who live in isolated areas. It comes with revolutionary healthcare solutions.

2. Price & Time Efficient

Patients do not have to waste time in the hospital or waiting in line for appointments during COVID-19, as appointments for distant medical care may be made via the Doctor on Demand App. Doctors and patients can communicate at any time when it’s convenient. The crucial therapy starts soon. Applications for doctors on demand could help in urgent situations.

3. Support For Administrative Operations

Support for Administrative Operations: Priority areas include severe ailments like diabetes and hypertension, behavioral and psychological health, cardiology, dermatology, and more. As a result, the business may spend more time on actual tasks, cutting down on inefficiencies and immediately resulting in higher profitability.

4. Effective Time Management Of Medical Experts

Medical service providers can arrange their workload more effectively, increasing the possibility of testing more patients.

5. Additional Revenue

A Doctor on demand app enables medical practitioners to make more money from after-hours services and to evaluate more patients than face-to-face consultations in the office.

6. Access To Medical Services

For starters, a telemedicine app can offer medical services to remote locations without clinic access. When there is a shortage of medical personnel, the services help people who live in isolated areas.

Doctor On Demand App Development: Tech Stack

The technology needed to develop a doctor app depends on the number of features we include in it. However, the essential list of tech stack required to build an on-demand doctor appointment app is as follows.

  • Front-end development: Java, Swift, Angular, Java, CSS, HTML, React
  • Popular platforms: Android, iOS, Web Applications
  • Back-end development: Python, Laravel, Node.js
  • Push notifications: SMS and in-app messaging: Batch, Twillo,
  • Payment processing: PayPal API, Stripe API, Braintree SDK, and other e-wallets
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and Postgress
  • Cloud Environment: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Location tracking: MapKit framework for iOS and Google Maps SDK for Android
  • Real-time tracking: BigData, Cisco, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM, Google Maps API
  • Social login: Facebook, Google, Twitter APIs

Doctor On Demand App Development: Steps To Create An App Like AmWell

Let’s look at healthcare app development to understand what features your virtual visits app should include.

Patient Panel

  • Registration/social media signup
  • List of Health Conditions that includes common symptoms
  • Choose a doctor from the advanced search per your health condition and consultation fees.
  • Submit your available date and time
  • Book Appointment
  • Make payments through digital payments that offer multiple payment channels, including digital wallets and credit card functionalities
  • Video consultations
  • Select a pharmacy to get the prescribed medicines directly at your doorstep
  • Add insurance
  • Send Ratings & reviews
  • Email, SMS & push notification alert

Doctor Panel

  • Create and fill out your detailed profile
  • Manage bookings by accepting or rejecting the booking request based on their availability
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Live video call
  • Doctors send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy store chosen by patients
  • Track earnings
  • Read ratings & reviews
  • Medical webinars
  • Community portals

Admin Panel

  • Online marketing to earn extra revenues
  • Manage user verification
  • Manage total commissions
  • Track the medical history of patients
  • Centralized dashboard for all the processes and transactions
  • Manage telehealth training
  • Manage customer support
  • Pharmacy management

Doctor On Demand App Development: Features To Include

1. Login

The on-demand healthcare app development should start with creating a login page and user profile. Then, a medical chart page will come up so patients can enter basic information about their health, like weight, height, and details of common ailments like diabetes, BP, etc.

2. Building Doctor Profile

Physicians need to create and manage their profiles by entering the following details into the app for doctors:

  • Name
  • Area of specialization
  • Clinic location
  • Availability
  • Years of experience
  • Qualification

3. Make Appointment

This feature will enable patients to book an appointment with the doctor through the dynamic interactive calendar feature available in the app after verifying the availability of doctors.

4. Geo-Location

Geo-location is an essential feature that should be integrated into a medical app to know the location of doctors’ clinics so that patients can reach them easily.

5. Live Video Conferencing & Chat

Live chatting or video conferencing is an integral feature so that patients can communicate with their doctors through online video or live chatting and communicate their health concerns to the doctor.

6. Payment Gateway

As we move towards the cashless system, you can in-built the payment gateway option in your doctor’s on demand app that will include credit or debit cards. In addition, one can use integrated applications such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Braintree, or PayPal.

7. Reminders & Push Notifications

It is an essential feature of the doctor on demand app as the application should inform patients about their appointment to apply for cancellation or postpone it. Push notifications also help doctors notify their patients of any change in their timings.

8. Reviews & Ratings

For the development of any health care app, patients need to provide feedback and ratings on their services; Also, patients can add via doctor based on the rating given on the doctor’s profile. It helps doctors to improve their overall rating and bring in more patients.

Advanced Doctor Appointment App Features

1. GPS Tracking

This feature comes into use when a patient books a physical appointment with the doctor and has to look up his live location. Then, real-time tracking can help them locate their doctor’s clinic or hospital on the app and reach their destination without hassle.

2. Cost Calculator

Each patient’s treatment might vary depending on the type of hospital or doctor he is visiting. Each doctor charges a certain amount as their consultation fee, apart from the treatment and the medicinal costs. The in-app cost calculator enables them to get the overall estimate of the amount they would have to spend on the entire treatment.

Doctor on Demand App: Features

3. In-App Calling & Chatting

One of the crucial features is that it allows patients to directly call the hospital or clinic with the app’s help, contact their doctors, and communicate their problems on one of these mediums.

4. CRM

The integration of the customer relationship management feature allows you to get in touch with the support staff if you need any guidance, as they can help you with any issues if you find them in the app at any stage.

5. Document Sharing & Scanning

It is an advanced feature that allows the users to upload any documents, such as medical test reports, prescriptions, etc., to show to the doctor so that he can understand their medical history and information. In addition, the in-app scanner allows users to click a picture, scan their data, and share it directly with the medical staff.

Healthcare app development

Possible Challenges Of Doctor On Demand App Development

Following are the major challenges developers and healthcare experts face while working on doctor app development.

Challenge 1 – User Experience

The importance of ensuring the success of an application requires a great UX/UI design for an app for patients, an app for doctors, and an admin panel.
Sometimes, it is difficult for the developers to keep both elements separately. So both versions need a simple interface and compatibility so doctors and patients can use them without hassle.

Challenge 2 – Security

Ensuring the protection of user data at all times is a top priority for any app developer. In apps like the drondemand app, they store and access their data from cloud servers. Hence it becomes vital that the app should have a robust backend infrastructure.

Challenge 3 – Backend Integration

A powerful backend integration ensures the app can handle data transfer from the patient to a concerned doctor quickly and successfully. To do this, provide both the app versions have backend integration. Also, you need to integrate several third-party services into the app.

Challenge 4 – Scalability

A successful doctor on demand app needs to be feature-rich and highly scalable. Unfortunately, while developing apps, many developers ignore this aspect. Always remember that the app should be able to work with multiple users indefinitely, even during peak or low traffic times.

Challenge 5 – Subordination With Healthcare Authorities

Another major challenge is capitulating healthcare and data security rules and guidelines. There should be a robust set of protocols that would be able to safeguard medical and patient records.

Markovate & Doctor On Demand App Development

Doctors on demand app development by Markovate provides the complete solution required to develop top-notch on-demand apps for all platforms like Android and iOS. We deliver the foremost healthcare app development services that have created many on demand apps. In addition, we have gathered highly professional developers using the latest technologies for on-demand apps.

Our innovative mobile and web app development approach will benefit a start-up or established company. From cab services to healthcare services, we provide you with all the necessary tools to help you succeed in your respective field.

Doctor On Demand App Development: FAQs

1. What characteristics of a doctor’s on-demand app are necessary for the best user experience?

The most critical aspects of a doctor’s on-demand app for the end user experience may include profile management, e-prescription, billing, notification alerts, 24*7 availability, etc.

2. Is it possible to add an on-demand doctor appointment app solution to an existing business?

Suppose an entrepreneur needs modern solutions in his existing business in the form of an on-demand doctor app. Then, it is worth addressing adding applications to their existing business.

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