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Building SaaS applications with integrations and customization that meets users’ needs

We execute all the elements for a successful SaaS solution, including mobile apps, web apps, cloud hosting, APIs, and adequate data storage, with our end-to-end approach to SaaS development services. With the most recent technology available, our team leverages multi-tenant architecture to safeguard your data and make changes as simple as possible. To produce SaaS products as rapidly as possible while assuring the product’s security and quality, our SaaS app development team adheres to contemporary software development best practices.

SaaS App Development Services

End-to-end SaaS App

We mainly strategize, architect and deploy end-to-end SaaS apps. Our team delivers custom SaaS apps to fulfill every business need. Also, our in-house experts follow a complete process with proven strategies for developing SaaS apps.

SaaS App Design

We create SaaS application designs to assist you in testing and improving your idea through user input. Our UX designers carefully observe how users interact with the app to ensure that it is engaging and user-friendly. We also offer end-to-end SaaS-based app design and software development solutions to turn your ideas into scalable, feature-rich, robust, and extendable applications to improve user experience.

Third-party Integrations

We provide businesses with the ability to integrate with several third-party services to increase the scope of their working capabilities while also performing unique integration to support and improve the operations of various enterprises. Our SaaS experts can aid modern SaaS enterprises with their solutions, which will help them increase sales and customer retention.

Multi-tenant Architecture Upgrades

We provide SaaS applications with a multi-tenant architecture to help you save time and money and to make your system more scalable. In addition, we can help you transition from a single-tenant to a multi-tenant design.

Analytics and Data Management

Our SaaS developers develop and integrate your analytic solutions, data management tools, and reporting solutions utilizing pre-built or custom technologies, assisting you in making the most of your data.

Technology Migration

We’ll guide you step-by-step through the entire migration process for your SaaS application from an existing tech stack to a new or different one. The evident method by which we do this has made us a well-known SaaS app development company.

Our SaaS App Development End-To-End Process

Analysis and Planning

First, we develop and incorporate modern data analytics to design projects and determine their strengths and limitations. This entails examining the crucial elements, including alignment, resource accessibility, allocation, and cost estimation.


In the second phase, we determine the technical requirements for a specific project. This involves organizing and analyzing the data we’ve received to determine the type of SaaS development services the project requires and what we can offer to make it a reality.

Design and Prototyping

Given that the product’s design dictates how it will work and flow, it is crucial to follow the prototype process closely. The product’s basic architecture is built during the design phase and ensures that any framework-related laws are removed.

Development Process

When creating a SaaS application, it’s essential to have the right skills and an open mind to assess the app’s potential in relation to those already available. We also search for any background data logging and does extensive risk analysis to ensure correct operation.


By identifying product flaws and documented problems, Our SaaS developers enable agile approaches to accomplish their intended goal of providing high-quality applications. We typically accomplished it by distributing the product to a select set of knowledgeable beta testers, who will then monitor its performance.

Maintenance and Updates

Even after the final product is delivered, our skilled and experienced SaaS app developers offer 24-7 full support to help our clients with affordable maintenance and upgrade services.

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Our Engagement Models

Working with Markovate

“I approached Markovate to create an app. With the help of their team, we have been able to develop an incredible iOS & Android app. The product development team at Markovate has always surprised us with some unique features and algorithms.”

Amr Ismail

Managing Director, Skep Inc.

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

“The mobile app launched with positive reviews from beta testers, customers and praise from key stakeholders. The quality of the build and smooth UX/UI surpassed expectations. The knowledgeable and responsive team at Markovate manages the workflow in a seamless manner.”

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

“We’re pleased with application Markovate developed for my travel company that was designed with features that matched our mission. The Markovate offered top-quality maintenance and support in addition. They’re organized and transparent.”

Mehran Sedigh

Vice President


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  • Business goals oriented

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  • Business goals oriented

  • Premium mobile products

  • Attention to detail

SaaS App Development: Common FAQs Answered

Is there SaaS for mobile apps?

Yes, absolutely! SaaS for mobile is on a rise. There are also a number of SaaS companies that have launched their mobile apps in the stores, like – Dropbox and Concur. They are witnessing a rise in user base and revenue because of the mobility move. We have also delivered innovative solutions for enterprises who want to launch on mobile quickly but effective for their users.

What is the best platform to build a SaaS solution?

The platform of your SaaS app is dependent entirely on your aim. Whether you want to launch on Android, iOS, web or all depends on the user base you want to focus on. And also your target customers, scalability and resources. Get in touch to know more.

What technologies do you work with?

We work on all the latest technologies which include both web as well as mobile apps.

  1. For Web : PHP/ WordPress/ React.js/ AngularJS/ NodeJS/ Express.js
  2. For Mobile : iPhone native/ Android native/ IONIC/ Flutter/ React Native

Additionally, we work with a pool technologies to bring out the best capabilities of your SaaS app.

SaaS versus on-premise: Which is the best to choose?

Firstly, you need to determine the complexity of your business. And also ask questions like: How specialized is your business compared to others in your industry?  And choose SaaS or on-premise. Also keeping in mind your budget and subscription payment model for users. To know which model suits your app specifically, contact us.

Can I customize SaaS software?

Yes, totally! You can build a SaaS app that is flexible enough to be modified easily. Not only for specific business uses but also for single users. You can also simply customize the user interface (UI) to change the look and feel of the program. And also modify areas specifically, such as data fields to change what data appears. For business process mainly, certain features can also be turned off and on.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

We understand the significance of cloud security. So, we work hard especially to make your data is safe in the servers. We also use highly secure public cloud services to deploy and store software instances and data.

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