One-stop AI-powered fitness solution connecting trainers and clients

Improving fitness journeys by masterfully blending AI algorithms and TensorFlow analytics for tailored trainer-client connections. This platform integrates wearables, offers dynamic data visualization, and ensures progress tracking, redefining personalized fitness experiences.
  • Personalized Training
  • Data visualization
  • Wearables integration


Navigating the fitness world can be overwhelming with mismatched trainers, ineffective progress tracking, and disjointed tech integration. Users struggle to find personalized guidance and tools that adapt to their unique fitness goals and lifestyle, leading to stalled progress and motivation.


MPT revolutionizes fitness with AI-driven matching algorithms, personalizing trainer-client connections. Utilizing TensorFlow and scikit-learn, it integrates wearables for real-time data tracking, offering visual progress insights. This seamless approach to fitness fosters tailored experiences, ensuring users achieve their individual health and wellness goals.

MPT’s Key Features:Enhancing Your Fitness Journey

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Nutrition Guidance

Custom meal plans, intake tracking, and educational resources, all in an intuitive, interactive nutritional toolkit.
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Performance Mapping

Advanced algorithms create personalized insights, visualizing fitness progress with interactive dashboards & heatmaps.
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Video Conferencing

High-definition virtual training with interactive tools, screen sharing, and real-time feedback, powered by top platforms.
Matching Algorithms

Matching Algorithms

MPT leverages advanced AI algorithms, including machine learning and natural language processing, to analyze user data and preferences. This intelligent system ensures clients are matched with the most suitable trainers, enhancing the overall fitness experience through data-driven, personalized connections.

Personalized Training & Progress Tracking

Utilizing TensorFlow and scikit-learn, MPT analyzes user data to craft personalized workout plans. Integrated with fitness wearables, it tracks progress in real-time, storing data in secure databases like MongoDB, ensuring each user’s journey is tailored to their specific goals and needs.
Personalized Progress Tracking

Tools and Technologies Used

Payment Management

Payment Management

MPT incorporates robust, secure payment systems for seamless transactions. This includes PCI-compliant methods, fraud prevention, and data encryption. Offering one-click payments and multi-currency support, the platform ensures a smooth user experience, making purchasing sessions and subscriptions hassle-free and safe.

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