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A Cloud & AI-powered healthcare solution for online medical consultations

MedMe is an AI and cloud-based healthcare platform offering online medical consultations, AI-assisted diagnosis, advanced security, and integrated telehealth services, optimizing consultation workflows and ensuring patient data protection with robust compliance measures.
  • AI-Assisted Diagnosis
  • Telehealth Consultations
  • Advanced Security & Compliance


In the healthcare sector, the inefficiency of online consultations, prevalent data security concerns, and lack of robust diagnostic support significantly hinder effective patient care, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased privacy risks, thereby demanding an innovative, technology-driven solution for enhanced medical practice and patient management.


  • AI-assisted diagnosis for accurate, efficient medical assessments.
  • Cloud-based platform ensuring scalable, reliable telehealth services.
  • Advanced security protocols, including end-to-end encryption and HIPAA compliance.
  • Integrated scheduling with real-time data for optimized workflows.
  • Multi-method teleconsultations: video, audio, text.

Innovating Healthcare with Advanced Digital Features


Offline functionality

Caches essential features like appointment scheduling, enabling access without internet, ensuring continuous care even in connectivity-limited scenarios.

Wearables integration

Connects with health-monitoring wearables, offering real-time insights into vital signs and medication adherence for proactive patient care.

Telehealth consultation

Provides versatile consultation modes, including video, audio, and text, ensuring patient comfort and compliance with health privacy standards.

Efficient Consultation Workflow

MedMe revolutionizes appointment scheduling by integrating real-time traffic data and EHR systems, optimizing the virtual waiting room through predictive modeling. This seamless integration with push notification services like FCM and APNs enhances user engagement, ensuring timely and efficient patient consultations.

Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment

Leveraging AI, MedMe transforms patient symptom descriptions into actionable insights using advanced NLP algorithms. It connects symptoms to diseases and treatments through medical knowledge graphs, seamlessly integrates with e-prescription platforms, and employs AI for health data analysis, triggering alerts for potential health risks or medication non-compliance.

Tools and Technologies Used


Advanced Security & Performance

MedMe prioritizes patient data protection with robust security measures like end-to-end encryption and strict HIPAA compliance. Utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure, it ensures scalable, reliable performance during peak usage. Advanced ML algorithms are deployed to analyze user data, enhancing the platform’s functionality and recommendation accuracy.

Work management solutions we can build for you

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Chronic Disease

Custom-built apps for monitoring chronic conditions, utilizing predictive analytics to prevent complications and personalize patient care strategies.
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Mental Health

Intelligent chatbots providing emotional support and initial screening, connecting patients with resources and therapists for improved mental health care.
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Automated Medical
Image Analysis

Advanced image analysis tools using AI for detecting abnormalities in medical scans, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient treatment plans.

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Healthcare AI solutions


MedME streamlines appointment booking and management for doctors and patients. It offers easy appointment scheduling, reduces wait times, and improves access to healthcare professionals. MedME ensures efficient doctor-patient communication and secure medical records management, enhancing the healthcare experience for both parties.



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