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Paratransit solution serving mobility with integrated technology

Trapeze is an innovative Paratransit solution designed to improve mobility for individuals with disabilities. It integrates advanced real-time tracking, robust safety features, accessible interfaces, and diverse payment options, ensuring efficient and secure transportation experiences.
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Geospatial Technology
  • Accessibility Support


Limited mobility options for individuals with disabilities often lead to challenges in accessing reliable and safe transportation. Traditional services lack real-time tracking, comprehensive safety features, and flexible payment systems, hindering efficient and accessible transit experiences. Additionally, inadequate communication tools and non-compliant interfaces further restrict their transportation independence.


Trapeze addresses these challenges by offering a Paratransit solution with integrated technology. It enhances accessibility through real-time vehicle tracking, advanced safety systems, and diverse payment integration. This approach ensures reliable, secure, and accessible transportation for individuals with mobility impairments, complemented by user-friendly communication tools and compliance with accessibility standards.

Advanced Features Driving Modern Mobility Forward

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Advanced data processing and analytics optimize routes, service quality, and user experience through predictive modeling techniques.
On-Demand Service

On-Demand Service

Provides flexible, door-to-door transportation scheduling, catering to immediate and planned travel needs of users efficiently.
Integrated Payment

Integrated Payment

Supports diverse electronic payment options, including fare subsidies, ensuring easy and inclusive transaction processes for all users.
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures strict adherence to accessibility and privacy laws, maintaining high standards in service delivery and data security.
Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

Utilizes sophisticated algorithms for efficient route planning, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall operational effectiveness.
Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Features real-time messaging and in-app communication interfaces, enhancing interaction between passengers and service providers.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are employed to create accessible user interfaces, following WCAG guidelines. This tech approach ensures universal usability, catering to a diverse range of abilities, and significantly broadening market reach for businesses.

Real-Time Tracking

Integrates GPS tracking and mapping APIs like Google Maps, utilizing JavaScript and React Native for live updates. This technology enhances operational efficiency and vehicle management, providing businesses with real-time logistical insights and fleet optimization.

Technology Architecture

screen-Real-Time Scheduling

Real-Time Tracking

Involves sophisticated algorithms and cloud-based platforms to dynamically schedule and dispatch vehicles. This technology streamlines operations, reduces response times, and optimizes resource allocation, offering businesses a competitive edge in operational agility.

Travel apps we can build for you

self-driving 1


Develop custom apps for bike and scooter sharing services, incorporating GPS tracking, payment integration, and user-friendly interfaces for urban mobility solutions.
mobility 1

Mobility as a

Create integrated platforms combining various transportation modes, payment options, and route planning, offering seamless travel experiences through a single app.
charging-station 1

Electric Vehicle
(EV) Infrastructure

Build apps to manage electric vehicle charging networks, featuring real-time station availability, user billing systems, and maintenance alerts for efficient EV support.

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