A tech-powered home cleaning app connecting homeowners & cleaners

Skep is an innovativation that seamlessly connects homeowners with cleaners, utilizing AI for smart matching and scheduling. It features automated invoicing and payments, real-time communication, and GPS tracking, all while offering AI-driven customization and secure, efficient service management.
  • AI-powered Matching
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Automated Invoicing & Payments


Homeowners frequently struggle with locating dependable cleaners, coordinating appointments, and ensuring secure payments. Conventional cleaning services lack the necessary technological integration, leading to frequent scheduling mishaps, ineffective communication, and complicated payment methods, all contributing to a stressful and inefficient home maintenance routine.


Skep transforms home cleaning services by harnessing AI for precise cleaner-homeowner matching, automated scheduling, and secure invoicing. It simplifies the entire cleaning process, from booking to payment, ensuring seamless interactions, reliable service, and enhanced communication. This app redefines home maintenance with its innovative and user-friendly approach.

Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with Cutting-Edge Features

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AI-powered Matching

Efficiently pairs homeowners with ideal cleaners based on preferences, location, and skill sets using advanced AI algorithms.
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Smart Scheduling

Optimizes appointment times using AI, integrating with personal calendars to prevent conflicts & streamline timing.
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Reporting & Analytics

Generates insightful reports on service durations and trends, utilizing Business Intelligence tools.
Easy Booking

Easy Booking & Customization

Skep’s easy booking system integrates seamlessly with existing calendars, utilizing AI to avoid scheduling conflicts. It recommends personalized cleaning packages based on property size, past bookings, and local trends. Its AI assistants send automatic reminders, making rescheduling effortless.

Easy Booking & Customization

The app features an in-app messaging platform with real-time chat and push notifications for instant communication. It includes GPS integration for live location tracking and accurate ETA calculations. A progress tracking database securely stores and reports on cleaning progress, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

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Automated Invoicing & Payments

Skep automates invoicing and payments using AI algorithms to accurately calculate costs and handle tax details. Financial data is protected with bank-grade encryption, ensuring secure transactions. The app supports various trusted payment gateways and financial institutions, streamlining the payment process.

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