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An adaptive car subscription solution fueled by latest technology

ROAM redefines car subscriptions with advanced technology, offering dynamic, AI-driven plans, contactless access, and personalized features. Its seamless user experience includes e-ID, AR/VR vehicle exploration, and integrated smart services for a revolutionary driving experience.
  • Dynamic Subscriptions
  • Contactless Access
  • Seamless User Experience


Traditional car ownership and rental models are inflexible, inconvenient, and disconnected from modern technological advancements. They lack personalization, efficiency, and the integration of digital solutions, leading to a suboptimal user experience in an increasingly digital world.


  • Introduces AI-driven, adaptable subscription plans, tailoring to individual lifestyles.
  • Implements AR/VR for immersive, interactive 3D vehicle exploration and virtual test drives.
  • Utilizes contactless access with digital keys and geofencing technology for convenience.
  • Integrates AI for personalized recommendations, dynamic insurance, and maintenance scheduling.
  • Offers smart in-car settings and home integration for a seamless, customized experience.

Advanced Features: Enhancing Your Driving Experience

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AI-driven insurance

Intelligently adjusts coverage based on driving habits, offering cost-effective, usage-based insurance plans tailored to individual needs.
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Telematics Data

Leverages vehicle telematics to enhance driver safety, optimize maintenance schedules, and personalize the driving experience through data analysis.
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Blockchain security

Ensures secure, tamper-proof vehicle data storage and transaction management, utilizing blockchain technology for unparalleled data integrity.
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Personalized music

Automatically configures in-car music and climate based on location, schedule, and facial recognition, ensuring a personalized environment.
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Smart Home

Connects the vehicle with home devices, enabling automatic door unlocking, climate control adjustment, and navigation setup on car selection.
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Community Features

Builds a community of enthusiasts through in-app groups, event recommendations, and tailored tips, fostering engagement and shared experiences.

Seamless User Experience

The app revolutionizes user interaction by streamlining the signup process with social logins and e-ID verification. It enhances convenience with pre-filled forms using location data. Advanced AI algorithms offer personalized recommendations based on user preferences and driving habits, while AR/VR technology provides immersive 3D vehicle models and virtual test drives.

Convenience and Efficiency

ROAM elevates convenience with digital keys and geofencing technology, enabling contactless car pick-up and drop-off at designated locations. It incorporates real-time vehicle tracking and diagnostics for monitoring location, fuel levels, and health metrics. The app also simplifies fuel refills and maintenance appointments, connecting users with partnered stations and dealerships directly.

Technical Architecture

The technical architecture integrates a mobile app for core functionality, a web portal, and an API gateway for streamlined data handling. It features robust user and car management systems, AI and machine learning processing, secure databases, and scalable cloud platform support.

Tools and Technologies Used


Dynamic Subscription Ecosystem

This feature uses city infrastructure APIs to integrate traffic and parking data, enhancing subscription flexibility. It syncs with fitness trackers and calendars to understand user schedules and activity levels. The AI system processes this data, predicting needs and adjusting subscriptions dynamically. It suggests appropriate car types, mileage allowances, or alternative transport options based on changing user needs and lifestyles.

Work management solutions we can build for you

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Subscription Platform

Offer convenient short-term rentals for scooters, e-bikes, and bicycles, using AI to optimize vehicle distribution based on predicted travel patterns.
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Shared Autonomous
Vehicle App

Provides access to self-driving car fleets for on-demand rides, featuring personalized route planning and automated point-to-point travel experiences.
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AI-powered Travel

Delivers real-time assistance with translations, currency conversions, and local recommendations, adapting to user location and context for enhanced travel support.

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