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Seamless Tech-Driven Grocery Shopping

Aisle24 innovates grocery shopping with integrated security, checkout tech, and autonomous solutions. Experience quick product scanning, real-time carts, and secure authentication. It supports various payments, real-time inventory tracking, and AI-driven recommendations. Multilingual, multicurrency, and unwavering privacy complete the package.”
  • Integrated Security System
  •  Checkout Technology
  • Autonomous Grocery Solution
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Grocery retailers grapple with outdated shopping systems, making inventory tracking, payment processing, and loyalty programs cumbersome. Privacy and language issues hinder customer experiences. Retailers face the need for modern solutions to ensure a seamless grocery shopping experience.


Aisle24 revolutionizes grocery retail by integrating security, checkout tech, and autonomous solutions. It offers real-time inventory tracking, AI-driven recommendations, and versatile payments. Multilingual support ensures inclusivity, while privacy measures safeguard customer data, ensuring a superior shopping experience.

features of Aisle24


Advanced Scanning

Effortlessly scan barcodes or use image recognition powered by advanced algorithms for detailed product information.

Smart Cart

Manage your virtual cart seamlessly on our web or mobile app, featuring an intelligent shopping cart management system.


Secure access with cutting-edge technology—usernames, passwords, and biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition) enhance personalized shopping.
Versatile Payment

Versatile Payment

Enjoy secure, encrypted payment processing with integration of payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Track stock with precision using RFID and IoT sensors, ensuring real-time alerts and accurate inventory management.
Order History

Order History

Effortlessly access order history, reorder items, and receive real-time tracking and delivery updates with our intuitive system.

Product Scanning and Identification

Employing cutting-edge technology, our system integrates high-performance barcode scanning hardware and smartphone camera integration. Sophisticated algorithms, including image recognition, facilitate precise product identification, extracting comprehensive data like product name, price, and description.
Product Scanning and Identification
Virtual Shopping Cart

Virtual Shopping Cart

Meticulously developed by our web and mobile app development teams, our virtual shopping cart operates on a robust shopping cart management system. It leverages modern web and mobile app development platforms, ensuring real-time synchronization of added, removed, or modified items for a seamless shopping experience.

How does Aisle24 AI Store works

Aisle24’s intricate technical ecosystem seamlessly integrates multiple components. It utilizes cameras and sensors to track fixtures and doors. Location data, in conjunction with a linker, ensures precise positioning. Fixture state and product identification enhance shopping events. Customer associations enable personalized experiences. As customers exit through designated doors, door keys grant access. Finally, receipts are generated for completed transactions. This holistic approach ensures a fluid and technologically advanced grocery shopping journey for users, combining hardware and software to optimize every aspect.

Store Location

Powered by advanced location-based technology, our store location feature relies on GPS and beacon technologies to offer precise indoor navigation and aisle guidance. This implementation ensures shoppers can effortlessly locate products within the store, enhancing their shopping efficiency.

User Authentication & Management

Security is paramount in Aisle24. We employ state-of-the-art user authentication libraries and frameworks, utilizing encryption protocols to secure usernames, passwords, and biometric data (fingerprint or facial recognition). This ensures robust user data protection and access control.
User Authentication

Tools and Technologies Used

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Aisle24 utilizes RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to achieve real-time inventory tracking. RFID tags and sensors communicate seamlessly, transmitting data to our inventory management system. This technology prevents out-of-stock scenarios and proactively alerts users when selected items are running low, enhancing inventory accuracy.

Retail apps we can build for you


Smart Retail
Analytics Platform

Tailored for the retail sector, this platform leverages advanced data analytics to provide insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory management. It enhances decision-making, optimizing the retail operation for maximum efficiency.

Payment Solution

Designed for retailers, this solution facilitates secure and convenient contactless payments. It supports various payment methods, including mobile wallets and NFC, ensuring a smooth and safe checkout experience for customers.

Customer Loyalty and
Rewards App

Engineered to enhance customer retention, this app integrates with retail systems to offer personalized discounts, rewards, and a seamless shopping experience. It fosters customer loyalty and drives repeat business for retailers.

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