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Smart Reply has been added to Android Auto. Users can respond to communications by tapping on system-generated suggested responses.

Android Auto has gone a long way toward making texting while driving less distracting and, as a result, safer for everyone.

However, there are occasions when voice dictation will not enough, and it may not be worth the time to pull over merely to type a quick response. Google is now bringing the Smart Reply function to Android Auto, allowing you to respond to someone with a single tap.

Customers will be shown two suggested responses, such as “okay”, “no”, “I’m here” and “got it!” as part of the new Smart Reply feature, which could come in handy when sending a quick response. Additionally, the feature frequently returns a single emoji as one of several options.

Customers used to have to dictate their messages if they wanted to respond to them while driving. You can still do so by using the Custom Reply button in the popup’s upper right corner.

Google announced the Smart Reply feature for Android Auto over four months ago, along with a slew of other features for Android Auto, including the ability to lock, unlock, and start compatible vehicles, as well as automatically launching the app when getting into a vehicle, a new always-on play button for music, and music searching with voice commands.

It’s currently showing up on the automobiles of users. According to the report, users who have the most recent beta version of the app (or version 7.6.1215) should be able to use smart answers while receiving texts on Android Auto.

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