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Both large and small brands have passed a “tipping point” when most of their interactions with consumers are now digital or take place online. Companies now have vast amounts of customer data at their disposal. However, because this data is challenging to use, McDonald’s is turning to IBM, a world authority on AI for business and AI-powered customer service, for assistance in transforming the legendary chain’s vast customer database into a helpful personalization and customization engine.

The technological firm Apprente was purchased by McDonald’s in 2019. The purchase was a component of the fast food chain’s “Accelerating the Arches” strategic growth plan for innovation across digital, delivery, and drive-thru by creating an ecosystem of pertinent customer preference data.

Retailers are offering definite advantages in exchange for customers’ involvement in surveys, quizzes, or product selection funnels, as well as the sharing of sensitive or personal information as consumers, becoming more conscious of the value of data.

By applying these data to the end-to-end shopping journey, retailers can better meet customers with pertinent messaging and offers based on their unique requirements and preferences. Customers and restaurant staff members have benefited significantly from AOT technology, which McDonald’s developed and tested.

The world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s, is handing over control of McD Tech Labs to IBM to advance and scale its AI- and data-powered approach to optimizing the customer journey across all its restaurants.

IBM has agreed to fully acquire the division’s assets and turn the customer transaction history of the brand into a predictive tool to drive individualized recommendations, promotions, and more. The arrangement will hasten McDonald’s efforts to offer customers and staff the most convenient and distinctive experience.

Both the two world leaders and their clients benefit from this. McDonald’s will be able to scale and deploy automated order-taking technology across markets and grow into new areas, such as integrating more languages, dialects, and menu variations, thanks to IBM’s expertise in building customer care solutions with AI and natural language processing.

As IBM continues its current work to develop and deliver AI-driven business solutions for clients across industries, from financial services and healthcare to telecommunications and retail, the acquisition of McD Tech Labs will provide IBM Watson with a valuable pool of data to learn from and continue running models and tests against.

The method collects past transaction data, catalogue and menu items and marketing campaign KPIs. It then uses machine learning to dissect each customer’s history and compare it to similar consumers to forecast future behaviour. McDonald’s tests dynamic menu displays to detect customer licence plates to serve favorites and recommendations based on previous orders in select drive-thru lanes across Chicago.

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