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Google unveiled Flutter 3 at its recent Google I/O conference, completing Flutter’s cross-platform roadmap by stabilizing support for macOS and Linux. It also includes a new Casual Game Toolkit and support for Apple Silicon.

Flutter 3 apps can now operate on six distinct platforms while sharing the same Dart source, thanks to the addition of solid support for macOS and Linux. Flutter 3 is compatible with iOS, Android, Web, Windows and macOS and Linux.

According to Brandon Arnold, co-founder and head of design at Superlist, Flutter helped his company achieve a faultless user experience and uniform behaviour across platforms and operating systems.

The Casual Games Toolkit, which seeks to make it easier to link an app with services like adverts, in-app purchases, Firebase, Play Services, and Game Center, is another attempt by Google to expand the reach of Flutter into game development. Additionally, developers will receive a game template that integrates all services.

Flutter isn’t intended for complicated 3D action games, according to Google. On the other hand, Flutter could be a compelling alternative for casual game makers looking to use hardware acceleration. According to Google, it can also be used to develop non-game UI for any game, as PUBG Mobile has demonstrated.

Google is also releasing a new version of Dart along with Flutter 3. Dart 2.17 emphasizes mobility and productivity. Enums with member support, enhanced parameter forwarding to super classes, and more flexibility for named parameters are among the new language features. Dart linter package:lints and C interop via dart:ffi have also been improved.

Finally, Flutter 3 makes progress on Material 3 support, which serves as the foundation for the Flutter design system. It has better typography, dynamic colour support, and improved components.

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