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Hire Android App Developer

Our Android app developer build scalable and fully-functional mobile app solutions

Our Android App Developer’s Expertise

We explicitly implement the core functionality of Android apps through Google-recommended Android architecture depending on app requirements. Essentially, defining how your app functionality interacts with other elements like the database as well as the user interface. Our developers also adhere to the latest and optimized Android app development tools to build applications customized for your specific use case, budget and timeline.

01. Clean Architecture

As a android app development company, we use a range of Android app development architecture (single activity or multiple activities) like MVP, MVVM, MVI, and also Clean Architecture that fit your specific app requirements and needs.

02. Android Jetpack

Our team of developers uses Android Jetpack to stick to the best practices and utilize the suite of libraries to work consistently across both Android versions and devices.

03. Kotlin & Java

We use programming languages like Kotlin and Java for Android apps, compatible with each other for safe as well as secure app development.

04. Use Dagger

Dagger, a dependency injection tool for developing error-free Android apps with fluid functionality, is also used by the developers.

Our custom app design ethos is guided by Google’s own Material design for building both user-friendly and adaptable Android apps. We believe that users come first and hence design Android apps for an intuitive, fluid digital experience. Your solutions are thus powered by our highly-functioning designs.

01. Multiple Layouts

For creating a seamless user experience across different devices, we create multiple layouts to fit different resolutions on different devices for users.

02. Navigation Controller

Our team of developers and designers collaboratively implements easy navigation using a navigation controller and ensures that your app has both native UI and navigation for Android devices.

03. Notification Designs

We incorporate elements like building notification designs as well as adding search functionality to create well-rounded Android apps.

We help you build user trust and device integrity by providing your app with optimal security as well as privacy. Our developers enforce layers of protection for both network and data security.

01. SQL Cipher

We use tools technologies like SQL cipher for transparent database encryption and also HTTP request to ensure maximum security for Android apps.

02. Network Security

Our developers also provide network security configuration to prevent programs from sending critical data in plain text inadvertently.

03. Security Practices

Our team of developers specifically implements security best practices for strong security in reading and writing data at rest, key creation and verification.

We focus on test-driven development of Android apps. Hence, after a detailed sprint planning, each unit is tested to ensure that the apps we develop are quality tested and ready to launch.

01. Functional Tests

We run functional tests, performance tests, accessibility tests, compatibility tests and end-to-end tests to verify user flow and overall app quality.

02. Use Junit

Our developers also use Junit for unit testing Java programming language to ensure that the development is error-free at each point.

03. Consistent App Tests

Our team runs consistent app tests to verify the app’s correctness, functional behaviour as well as usability.

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FAQs about Hire Android App Developer

How do I communicate with the team with clear instructions?
A client can communicate with us via Slack, Teams as well as JIRA. However, we are flexible to adopt any communication channel pertaining to our client’s enterprise policies.
What tools and technologies do you use for making an Android app?

We’re a tech-savvy, forward-thinking android app development company obsessed with both learning and integrating new tools and technology.

For project management, we used JIRA, Asana, Trello, as well as Clubhouse. Our client also has the option of choosing which tool he wants to use to construct their Android app.

What is the best programming language used for Android app and why?

Java is explicitly the most widely used programming language for Android applications. In reality, Java is used extensively in the Android operating system. However, we also use Kotlin to develop Android apps.

Will you assist me in android app submission to Google Play?

Yes, of course! This is an important aspect of our app development process’s Launch Step. As soon as your app is ready, our project managers will upload it.

Should I hire a dedicated native android developer or hybrid app developer?

Android app development in particular is a tedious task. And it is always recommended to partner with an expert android app development company that is equipped with well-skilled android app designers and developers who can help cater to every intricacy of android app development with their expertise and experience.

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