Travel App Ideas: Introduction

The world we live in is technologically developing. Because of the introduction of smartphones, people have access to a world of knowledge at their fingertips. This has resulted in an unparalleled rise in Mobile app development. People enjoy traveling; thus, these travel app ideas might be useful to your business. Since mobile applications have become more popular, your app is more likely to be used if it provides excellent features like a tour guide, easy payments, lodging booking, and so forth.

The travel sector is one of the top industries for generating revenue since people love to travel. Additionally, today’s travel industry is enthusiastically capitalizing on the popularity of travel apps. They provide incredible services like speedy hotel and flight reservations, a tour guide, simple online payments, and much more. After all, in the technologically advanced world, more is required than just a mobile website.

According to numerous consumer research studies, the travel industry’s trend toward mobile transactions is steadily growing. Consequently, an Android app is the “solution” to grabbing the attention and keeping the interest of the current mobile generation.

What kind of mobile app to make is typically the first conundrum someone faces when thinking about developing a travel mobile app. And in this case, it’s crucial to remember to make an Android app that will benefit the intended user base. After all, consumers won’t be interested in an app if it doesn’t focus on their needs. However, the outcomes will be excellent if the app provides exactly what customers need. It will increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and let you draw in new customers for your company.

Before we go into the travel app ideas, let’s look at the market studies first.

Statistics on travel app development

Travel Android app development and local content applications had a 95.73% global penetration rate when we looked globally at the most popular Android app categories.

In contrast, the tourism sector was severely impacted in 2020 by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. According to Statista research, there will be a decline in the size of the tourist market from 1.86 trillion US dollars in 2019 to 1.09 trillion US dollars in 2020.

The market’s size rose to 1.31 trillion US dollars in 2021 as things began to return to normal.

Therefore, it implies a sizable untapped market for travel application concepts.

What effects do Android apps have on the travel sector?

We can all agree that Android apps are designed only to make your life easier when planning travel. You might be wondering if creating a travel app for your company, whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, is truly a wise decision. That is the response.

Since you are seeking travel app ideas, we will presume that you are already aware of these advantages. However, if you are not, you can quickly learn why your company needs a tourism app by reading the reasons listed below.

  • You may manage your online travel bookings, inquiries, complaints, etc., from a single travel portal.

  • There isn’t enough time to attend to each consumer at a physical location in the tourism sector. Instead, you might create a feature-rich online travel Android application that would enable users to tailor their search and reserve excursions, accommodations, and other travel-related services whenever it suits them.

  • You can offer better customer support services by using AI-powered chatbots and automating the entire process.

  • It’s simpler, more effective, and less expensive to market your online travel application.

Companies may take benefit from these advantages by investing in a travel app.

Now that we know the market potential for travel apps, let’s look at seven innovative travel app concepts for your upcoming android mobile app development project.

Seven awesome travel app ideas for tourism businesses

Are you considering entering the travel market with a unique or enticing travel app concept? It’s time to think of some of the top travel app ideas.

We’ll share some of the best travel application concepts in this blog to help you expand your company.

travel app ideas

1. Apps for locating and booking lodging

Finding and reserving rooms at the hotel where the customer will check-in is one of the top categories of Android hotel apps. Travelers benefit from this category of travel-related apps.

Spending many hours traveling makes it simple for individuals to locate a place to rest their heads. Enabling customers to reserve various accommodations, including resorts and lodgings that resemble homes.

Additionally, users can search various lodging options, including motels, hotels, and guest houses. By city, location, feature, or identity, people can search for hotels.

Users can also choose results based on price, ratings, reviews, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other aspects. Creating your travel app can help expand your business—partner with a company releasing a travel app.

2. App for navigating a new city

Users of the travel app can experience navigation in both online and offline modes thanks to the premise behind the app, which is focused on navigating a new city. Users of this GPS navigational travel app can see their location, the direction they are facing, and what is nearby.

People won’t get stranded in traffic with real-time traffic information. It also makes things simpler for individuals unfamiliar with city driving. The city may be browsed and navigated through the app, and favorite locations can be arranged and categorized into lists for further use. Additionally, visitors can find out information about the restaurants’ addresses, hours of operation, and other favorite hangout areas.

3. App for understanding local public transportation

One thing that annoys consumers in a new location is the lack of knowledge about local public transportation. The local public transportation travel app is here to help you accurately determine when local buses and trains run.

Users can use it to locate the closest station where they can rent bicycles or cars through car-sharing services. Additionally, users of this travel app can see the next bus departures for each bus service at each bus stop. They can also keep track of their preferred bus stops on a list so they can return to them later. If, as a travel technology firm, you’ve chosen to create a travel app to help users understand local public transit, you can start with this kind of travel app before moving on with the actual development.

4. App as a tour guide

You may consider developing these typical travel app ideas for your tourism business. Such an app would provide thorough information about the destination city and display everything, including roads, landmarks, and attractions.

The app will also provide information on the top local dishes you must taste. Even the list of eateries and the cost of the meals will be displayed. They will find it simple to continue their trip thanks to the app’s inclusion of traveler ratings.

5. App for weather forecast

Consider creating a mobile application that displays a current weather forecast for the location where a user is planning to travel. This may be helpful, mainly if the person travels from a far-off place with diverse weather. Depending on the weather, the user can bring an umbrella or fur coat.

The application even offers data on the local temperature for the user’s intended destination. Once more, the user can choose a few cities they’d want to visit, and the app will recommend the best one for the selected dates.

6. Restroom and gas station finding app

It is crucial for passengers to be aware of the appropriate roadside amenities, such as gas stations, restrooms, and parking lots. You can create an app to provide this assistance to passengers because of this. The app should inform passengers about upcoming flights, train stops, and alternate routes.

Such an app should include on-the-go eateries where you can fill your tummy with local specialties and tourist hotspots where you may stop for a bit if you have the time. These apps are extremely useful when traveling with your family and children.

7. Translation and language help app

You should continue to build this well-known travel app concept. There are numerous new language options that you can use, including voice-over and voice translation capabilities.

A similar program ought to include the ability to scan an image and translate any text contained inside into the target language. Offering offline access to translation services will also be more beneficial for on-the-go tourists.

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Features required for travel app development

Now that you have some original and cutting-edge travel app concepts to break into the tourism market, consider including the must-have features in your travel app. You should consist of the following functions in your travel app:

Travel app features

1. Travel itinerary maker

You can create an all-inclusive tour itinerary by adding destinations using this in-app function. The admin can add unique landmarks or popular tourist sites for the users using the functionality.

2. GPS navigation and mapping

You require a map for directions whenever you are visiting a new location. Users can locate the quickest route to their destination using the map and GPS navigator.

3. Event calendar

A calendar of events includes all the pertinent details and timetables, which gives visitors extra trip suggestions.

4. Weather forecasting

In your travel app, be sure to provide real-time weather forecasting capability. Travelers can use it to make travel plans in locations with a range of weather. This in-app tool offers an in-depth analysis of specific meteorological parameters, such as rainfall, perspiration, and temperature of a particular location.

5. Currency rate converter

The currency rate can be converted accurately with this in-app feature. As a result, your users may always obtain the exact conversion rate whenever they need to change a currency. Additionally, this feature may track past and current exchange rate changes.

6. Multilingualism

People throughout the world favor travel as leisure. Tourists prefer to use their languages even though English is a universal and official language. To aid travelers in learning about the various places, people, and cultures they will encounter, you should incorporate this feature into your travel app.

Best travel apps

1. Airbnb – Best travel app for homestay


With the help of Airbnb, homeowners who wish to rent out their properties can connect with travelers looking for lodging nearby. It operates in over 81,000 cities and 191 nations.

As a way to monetize their home, hosts can use Airbnb; however, there is a chance that a visitor could harm. It may be advantageous for visitors to find reasonably priced lodging, but there is a chance that the place may not be as alluring as it seems. You can also provide automobile rental services if you plan to develop a similar app.

2. Lounge Buddy – Lounge finder app

Lounge Buddy

In the same terminal, there are frequently multiple airport lounges. So how do you pick which to go to? There is a fantastic app called LoungeBuddy that offers information on things like individual airport locker locations, prices, and highlighted amenities. Additionally, participants can discuss their individual classroom experiences.

For tourists looking for airport VIP lounges, LoungeBuddy is an essential tool. If this is your first time going to or leaving a particular airport, it can save you a lot of time. LoungeBuddy also lets you purchase passes to airport lounges and read first-hand evaluations from other travelers.

3. HotelTonight — Last-minute hotel deals at great hotels


You may get incredible last-minute savings on vacant hotel rooms through HotelTonight. It is really simple to use, and booking a room is quick.

View reviews and pictures posted by other visitors after searching by city, attraction, or using a map. Additionally, customer service is available around-the-clock. This is the app I use when I’m stuck somewhere and need last-minute accommodation.


The industry is saturated with travel apps, making it challenging to develop a fresh concept that would appeal to the intended user base. The concepts we’ve discussed with you will enable you to create something new that would be very beneficial to tourists.

Never forget that sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the best. Make sure your app has more improved features than competitors and has something unique to set it apart.

Markovate is an established travel app development company. We can comprehend your travel business concept and deliver the best solution for your target audience, allowing your enterprise to soar to new heights.

You can contact us if you’ve resolved to make your travel Android app development vision a reality.

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