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Hire Android App Developer: Introduction

Android has taken over the app industry like a storm. Unveiled in 2007, it has shown nothing but progress since then. Being an open-source mobile operating system, it is based on a modified version of Linux ( and other O/S software) to be used for touchscreen such as mobiles. Operating systems like Windows worked well on computers and desktops but lacked the environment and resources necessary for practical functionality in mobile systems. Hire android app developer for your businesses is thus essential to make your services user-friendly and scalable.

You can develop various kinds of android apps on development environments such as Eclipse, Android Studio, etc. These can be installed and worked upon on any O/S, be it Windows, Linux, or macOS. Android is Java oriented, though other languages such as C++ such also be used.

Expertise in Android app development does give you an edge over the others. With suitable lightweight frameworks, attractive features for making UI designs, low development cost, and negligible restrictions on distribution, it can give your business an upper hand. Enterprises and ventures get an effective market strategy, which helps them to develop long-term trust with the customers if they give them an enriching user experience through their Android apps.

Hire Android App Developer: What Do He Do?

With more than 2,677,000 Android apps on the Playstore, it is crystal clear the demand for developers is quite a lot. The ease of access and the smooth functionalities, all on the tip of your fingers, make mobile apps a prevalent choice amongst users.

In 2021, Google Play users worldwide downloaded 111.3 billion mobile apps, up from 76 billion apps in 2018.

About 32.9 percent of app developers are in Asia, and about 29.4 % are in North America, displaying the worldwide popularity and demand for good android apps for different purposes, be it social media, businesses, or games.

An Android Developer thus needs to be experienced and familiar with the various IDEs, frameworks, languages, and latest trends to look after the client’s needs and understand what they are trying to achieve. They should then be able to develop an app that fulfills all these goals and helps them to create an exciting, innovative, and easy product.

Role & Responsibilities of Android App Developers

Android App Developers: Responsibilities

  1. They are in charge of developing proficient applications for devices such as mobiles and tablets, from designing to debugging them and looking for areas where they can be improved.
  2. To produce the best user experience possible, they collaborate with other teams on cross-functional designs while analyzing the latest trends.
  3. They write clean and efficient codes for the app and use features such as APIs to enhance the overall app experience.
  4. Android app developers continuously innovate, perform instrumentation tests and monitor the app performance closely, especially in the development stage, to optimize the codebase as much as possible.

Hire Android App Developer: Technical Skills

  • The developer needs to be technically sound
  • They should preferably have a background in Computer Science or related fields
  • Android app Developers should be proficient in at least one language, be it Java, or C++
  • They should be familiar with the development environment, for instance, Eclipse, and use its features
  • Knowledge about Android SDKs and the evolution of different Android O/S is also essential
  • A strong base in DBMS, OOPS, and Program testing software is required
  • A good understanding of UI/UX design and responsive designs is critical for creating a viable app
  • They should be aware of the backend support, cybersecurity, and the types of frameworks available
  • A prior experience in software development is a plus point

Hire Android App Developer: Common Mistakes

The demand for Android app developers is at large. But due to this, there is a section of people who are in this profession just for the sake of it and do not have any actual interest in app development.

An app is in a market with thousands of similar services and products, resulting in tough competition.

Thus, to look for the right kind of app developers when hiring, here are a few points you can keep in mind:

Hire Android App Developers: Mistakes

1. Verify their background

Don’t just trust a resume blindly showcasing their experience. Run background checks, ask them relevant questions about their experience, and try to understand what encouraged them to enter this field.

2. Check their knowledge of the latest technologies and trends and the competition they would face

Android apps usually have to compete with iOS apps in the market. The app developer must be aware of the challenges they have to face. They should also be in touch with the latest technologies and trends as apps continuously keep evolving, and there is no demand for outdated ones.

3. Expand your search

The best part of software development is it just requires a laptop and a network connection. The work can be completely remote. Thus, it would help to look for android app developers far and wide to select the best ones, as there is no restriction on travel, work hours, etc.

4. Do not compromise on the pay

The high demand for good app developers does give them quite a few work opportunities. As a startup, if you invest wisely in app development, the ROI can be excellent, giving you a headstart like no other. Underpaying potential app developers is therefore not a wise choice then.

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Hire Android App Developer: Key-Steps

1. Understand what you need from an app, how to want to present it, and what goals you plan on accomplishing, including the relevant tech stacks and suitable models required.

As a business owner, you need to be extremely clear about your targets and have a strong vision of your product, along with the features it should have. Some apps are purely for entertainment, such as games, and these might have a different approach; engaging graphics, fast loading, sound effects, and compatibility.

An app that delivers groceries requires strong backend support, excellent customer service, navigation, GPS, and push notification features. Thus every app fulfills a different purpose, and understanding its fundamentals for android app development is extremely necessary.

2. Create a well-formatted document with all these details.

To summarize all your requirements, you need to make a small file containing all the necessary details, along with what’s expected from the job commitment. This would help the potential candidates to get a clear idea of what they are applying for and would attract a better pool of android app developers.

3. Post on various job portals, connect with well-known companies offering experienced android developers and look for personal connections with relevant experience.

Getting in touch with the right skilled people is vital in hiring. Thus, you need to explore and search for them through various mediums. A suitable method would be to reach out to your connections, as they would help you contact good app developers with a decent background and with whom they have had a good experience.

4. Shortlist the candidates and put them through 1-2 rounds of interviews, primarily technical, to understand their work and how well they understand your business models.

Ensure that no stone is left unturned while truly understanding the potential app developers. You need to have adequate knowledge of their experience, how technical they are, and how they can prove to be an asset to your team. You can also give them a small project to test their technical skills.

5. Select from these, make a small team of 2-3 people, and sign a contract. Negotiate the time, understand their salary requirements, and schedule meetings with them to get a regular update.

Finally, give the offer letter to the best candidates. You can conduct orientation sessions to help them learn about your work culture, give them similar app prototypes, and hold ice-breaking sessions to get to know the team! This would pique their interest and provide a better work quality.

Why Hire Android App Developer From Markovate?

It is essential to have a good app development team to develop Android apps that stand out and help accelerate the business. Markovate is one such company that provides its services for the same. We have experienced app developers having plenty of skills and relevant experience.

Markovate believes in building fully functional and scalable mobile app solutions and has a strong vision of helping out businesses and startups to help them put forward their ideas and services on a global platform.

Our developers are familiar with the latest tools, technology, and domains such as UI/UX Design, Security and Privacy, and Quality testing. We also have different models from which you can choose at your convenience, and we ensure that we give you the best experience to help your ventures accelerate and grow!

Hire Android App Developer: FAQs

1. How much does it cost to hire an Android app developer?

The pay range may vary depending on the experience, but it usually lies between $6,000 to $30,000 per year.

2. Is Kotlin better than Java?

Yes, Kotlin is better for android app development as it’s a newer and more improved version with features like easy syntax, functional programming, no downtime, and many more.

3. Is Python good for Android app development?

Python is not the most suitable choice; the better languages to consider would be Java/Kotlin.

4. What tools and technologies do you use for making an Android app?

Android Studio, AVD Manager, Android SDK, FlowUp, Unity 3D, and Visual Studio With Xamarin are some software and tools used.

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