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Dedicated Development Team: Introduction

The mobile app development industry is at its peak presently and shows no signs of stopping. By 2027, the market for app development is projected to reach a value of USD 218.80 billion with a revenue growth rate of 7.89% annually. Businesses and enterprises invest heavily in this field, as having a good mobile app can do wonders to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

Apps are convenient; according to statistics, the average smartphone has more than 80 apps installed. The ease, the user experience it provides, and the maximum exploitation of the latest technological trends help the business to build a brand that can gain widespread acceptance. But, a dedicated development team is essential for creating a successful app, as a million things can go wrong during the development process.

All the stages, from designing and prototyping to coding and finally debugging, require immense research and contribute to the app’s success. Thus, one needs to keep in mind that hiring a dedicated development team is necessary, who can help you achieve your business target.

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Dedicated Development Team: Helping You Curate The Perfect App For Your Business

Curating the perfect app for your business requires money, time, and planning. The ideal app needs a top-notch design, a fantastic user experience, cutting-edge technologies, and an efficient business model. A dedicated app development team containing people having various areas of expertise in this domain can help you bring this idea to life.

These dedicated development teams usually have years of experience, are in touch with the latest technologies, and are fully committed to the business idea you have in mind. They can make a fully functional model that can impact the audience and generate revenue if received well. Recruiting a good and sincere developer team thus becomes a big task for the business, as it can make or break the whole business plan.

A well-organized app development team must balance skills and the time and dedication needed to help build the app. They ensure the app is optimized and can gain maximum consumer engagement while keeping all the targets and constraints in mind. To help your app stand out from the thousands of others in the market and make an impact on the users, hiring a dedicated software development team becomes of utmost importance.

Dedicated Development Team: Inhouse vs Outsource

Pros Of Inhouse Development Team

The In-house development team aligns with the company’s culture and values, which might make the workflow smoother and more accessible. This might result in better results, as the team would fully understand what the company wants.

Since all the team members work in the same workspace, it’s easier to hold meetings, solve problems and finalize requirements. Direct communication plays a massive role in the smooth functioning of a team.

Cons Of Inhouse Development Team

It is costly and time-consuming, and hiring the right team members on your own might become quite heavy on your business regarding resources.

If a dedicated software development team decides to quit, you have the responsibility of finding another who can perform the same role. This might result in a project lag. Also, upskilling the team and making them aware of the latest technologies becomes your responsibility.

Pros Of Outhouse Development Team

While hiring an Outhouse development team, you do not have the enormous responsibility of choosing the candidates. You can choose from a talented pool of developers from varied backgrounds.

Outsourcing can also help you cut down heavily on costs while getting the same quality of work. For instance, you can research multiple agencies in different parts of the world and decide which offers the most talent at the least cost.

Cons Of Outhouse Development Team

Problems might occur in terms of communication and authority during the development process. This might result in a delay in the app launch and hinder the functionality of the app.

Dedicated Development Team: Why Hire?

Hiring a dedicated software development team can have quite a few benefits. A few are listed below:

1. Good Technical Knowledge

A dedicated development team is technically sound and capable enough to provide your app with the needed features. They can help you develop a consumer-friendly application and deeply understand coding, documentation, and debugging, which are crucial for building an app. Also, they can help you integrate the latest technologies to help your app stand out, which you might not have thought of before.

2. Effective Management & Workflow

When you hire an app development team, you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of your business idea, which helps to take a huge workload off your shoulders. You know that all the technical needs can be catered to and that the team is well-equipped to go through the end-to-end development process to create the final product.

Dedicated Development Team: Why to hire

3. Help In Revenue Generation

Aside from developing the app, the team can also help to implement strategies that help in revenue generation, such as in-app purchases. The after-app deployment maintenance is also taken care of, based on user feedback and bug fixes, which helps to provide a better user experience, and in return, a more loyal customer base.

4. Trusted Resources

A dedicated app developer team is trustworthy, and the work is smoother, knowing that the team is self-sufficient to deliver the app you want. This sense of trust is essential, as you can rely on them blindly for new features, changes, and ideas, which might help to enhance the app.

Dedicated Development Team: How To Hire?

1. State Your Requirements

Clearly define your business plan, app idea, and requirements before starting the recruiting process. The business and app developers must be on the same page to avoid miscommunication and later project lags.

2. Look Into Their Background & Technical Expertise

Look at their past projects, work experience, and background to gauge whether the candidate would be a valuable addition to your team and contribute to the app’s success.

3. Sign An NDA

After finalizing all the details from both, the developer team and the business’s sides, sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This ensures that no mishap happens during data transfer and helps maintain trust. Both the technical developments and the business idea are kept protected.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

Ensure that your team is well-rounded. Your team should have a minimum of one UI/UX designer, project manager, backend developer, iOS/ Android developer, and Q/A engineer.

Give priority to their hard skills instead of their soft skills. It is important to thoroughly analyze their work history and past projects and how their technical competence aligns with your goals.

Keep in mind your budget and the timeline you have defined for your development process. The group should be able to complete the app on schedule and at the minimal cost possible.

Before recruiting developers, it is important to consider factors like language restrictions, tech stack competence, and working time zones.

Hire Markovate To Develop Your Enterprise Apps

Markovate, as a digital product development company, provides you with some of the best talents in the industry to help you through the whole end-to-end app development process. Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups.

We are well-equipped to provide you with a dedicated app development team that understands your requirements and the goals you plan on achieving. Our services range from iOS/Android development to hybrid development, and we implement the latest technologies, such as payment gateway integration, IoT, and Cloud computing.

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Dedicated Development Team: FAQs

1. What is the best way to hire dedicated developers?

The best way to hire dedicated developers is through hiring platforms or agencies, which provide you with a wide range of people having different technical backgrounds from which you can choose.

2. What does a dedicated app development team charge?

The charge might vary due to factors like working hours, features and design of the app, the team background, and the developer team size.

3. Is outsourcing a team better than hiring in-house employees?

Outsourcing a team is a better option if you want a resourceful team that can handle all your technical requirements at a very reasonable cost.

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