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Fitness App Development: Introduction

Our health is one issue that most of us take for granted, especially during our adulthood. However, these years invite stress, unhealthy habits, and fatigue due to personal and professional life, which most people fail to check. WHO stated that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for mortality. No wonder people are changing their food habits, working lifestyle, and indulging in activities like gym and sports. Apart from all these, the awareness is making fitness app development more popular by the second.

Fitness apps have proved to be an inventive way to help people keep their fitness in check without taking time off to take unnecessary tests. Once downloaded on your phone, these apps give you a regular update of different parameters such as:

  1. The number of steps you walked
  2. Your heart rate
  3. How much sleep are you getting
  4. Your water intake

In addition, fitness apps provide a holistic view of your health and help you notice any red flags, along with showing you a rough image of how you’re leading your lifestyle and the impact it can have on your future health.

The fitness industry has experienced exponential growth in the past few years. In 2021, the market was valued at USD 1.1 billion. From 2022 to 2030, the global fitness app development market is expected to grow by 17.6%.

It’s essential to avoid cases such as heart attacks in the mid-thirties or early twenties, mental drainage, and loss of body functionality. People, specifically the youth, have begun to realize the importance of health as wealth and have invested heavily in this industry.

Fitness App Development: Market Wrap-Up

Fitness apps had gained popularity, especially since the lockdown period, when none of the gyms or parks were operational. There is a massive demand for this domain in the app industry as people have started to give health the prime focus, and considering their busy schedules, fitness apps are the best way to keep track of their lifestyle.

Revenue in the fitness app development segment is projected to reach US$15.49 by the end of 2022. This shows users’ craze for creative ways to help them work out and stay motivated. The best part of fitness apps is that they can help you transform your lifestyle and give you a glaring reminder of where you might go wrong. Almost every third person uses fitness apps to check their statistics, compare them with their peers, or see their daily progress.

Fitness App Features: Make Your App Like Fitbit

The Fitbit fitness app is one of the most in-demand apps in the fitness app development industry, used by millions of users worldwide. What sets it apart, though?

Fitness App Features

1. Personalised Experience

The Fitbit app provides a great user experience and makes them feel like they have all the power in terms of features. Users can customize it according to stats, the areas they want to focus on, or the programs and people they want to connect to. They can also set their profile picture and username.

2. 24*7 Tracking

The Fitbit app does continuous evaluations throughout the day without any rest period, which gives you much more accurate results and helps you to see your graph every day. This feature allows you to map your progress over time too.

3. Monitoring Various parameters

The Fitbit fitness app does not just keep track of one or two things. You can check the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of calories you’ve burnt, and how often you follow your fitness schedule. You can also measure your heart activity and cardio fitness. There is also the provision of keeping tabs on how much sleep you’re getting and setting goals to improve your sleep cycle.

4. Nutrition

An integral part of your physical health is your diet too. The Fitbit app allows you to log in to your health and snacks. This is then compared with your day’s activity to see if you’re getting the sufficient nutrition you need. It also specifies the breakdown in terms of what percentage of macronutrients you had during the day.

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5. Community-Based

One of the best parts of the Fitbit fitness app is that it allows you to connect with people, be it friends, family, or others. It will enable them to connect with like-minded people having similar goals. You can post your stats or view others, which helps keep the community healthy and inspired. You can also connect through various groups and fun challenges, keeping users engaged and enthusiastic throughout their fitness journey.

6. Integration With Hardware Products

The Fitbit app is synced with products like the Fitbit watch or tracker, which is wearable and light. This gives a better feel and results, along with a stylish touch. The Fitbit tracker has additional features, such as alarms and weather, thus serving other purposes, too, rather than only fitness.

Fitness App Development: Top 5 Most Successful Fitness App Examples

1. My Perfect Trainer

My Perfect Trainer (MPT) is an app that provides a platform to connect trainers with clients. With more than 50K+ downloads from the Appstore, this app offers a seamless experience for both parties. The trainers can showcase the brand and values they bring to the table, whereas the client can choose from various instructors who suit their needs and schedule. They can then book on-demand classes from a pool of instructors available nearby. Fitness enthusiasts love this app!

2. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club (NTC) is also a favorite among fitness freaks. This app helps you get firsthand coaching from Nike’s trainers, experts, and athletes who have worked towards fitness throughout their life. There is a range of activities to do, from yoga to cardio to muscle workouts, with fully guided sessions. In addition to finding your perfect class, you can search by muscle group, workout focus, and equipment.

3. Google Fit

A simplistic yet functional app, Google Fit wonders if you have an Android ecosystem. Along with tracking parameters like health, sleep, and movement, this app’s hardware and software integration sets it apart. You can connect multiple Android devices to it in one go or connect it to fellow apps such as Strava, which transfer your fitness data from one to another. You can also link it to your Google Calendar. Heart Rate Data can also be recorded in Google Fit by placing your finger on your phone’s camera sensor.

Successful Fitness App

4. Glo

Instead of equipment focussed workouts, the Glo app is famous for providing fitness services such as yoga, pilates, and meditation. Along with physical fitness, it keeps in mind the calmness needed for a healthy mental space. It provides access to classes led by world-class instructors, which can be viewed offline too, and customized as per the filters you select. It is a massive hit amongst yoga and pilates lovers.


This app caters to people who want to track their gym progress or indulge in home workouts. JEFIT allows you to track your progress, plan your activities and customize them. You get audio and video instructions to help build your body and muscular strength, along with thousands of workout plans which you can choose from.

How To Pick The Right Fitness App Development Company

The best fitness app development company will comprehend your objectives and plan to encourage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They will have the latest cutting-edge solutions to build a fitness app that combines with the best technology to ensure that it is scalable and has no downtime. The company would support you from start to end and develop an app that gives the user the best experience they can have most creatively. For fitness apps, it’s necessary to combine services such as data analytics, IoT, and cloud, along with continuously encouraging the users so they don’t give up in the beginning stages.

At Markovate, we understand you, your business, and your vision to promote fitness. We have a skilled team to walk you through prototyping, development, and testing. From conception to conception, we provide you with the best tech stack possible to enhance the functionality of your business app and create a product that proves profitable to you and your customers!

Fitness App Development: FAQs

1. What makes a fitness app successful?

A fitness app is successful if it provides a statistics-based UI with simple and easy-to-use instructions and tips to keep the users motivated and, of course, tracks more or less everything they can concerning the user’s health and diet.

2. Which is the best fitness app?

Fitbit and NTC are some of the best fitness apps. In 2017, the app made revenue of 1.61 bn, which rose to about a whopping 1.21 bn by 2021. With more than 31 million active users in 2020, the app sees a 4% increase yearly.

3. What are mobile fitness apps?

Mobile fitness apps can be downloaded to track your health parameters. These applications help individuals keep their health in place, from the heartbeat to the step count. Some apps also give customized diet plans per the user’s weight and goal.

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