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Twitter is trying to strengthen its ties with the developer community by relaunching its ‘Chirp’ conference, which brings together developers and members of Twitter’s team to discuss the newest initiatives, share ideas, and answer crucial technical questions.

The conference, which will take place on November 16th, will feature keynote talks, reveals, and community participation efforts, with in-person (in San Francisco) and online components throughout the day.

Twitter will also run its Chirp Developer Challenge during the relaunch, inviting developers to submit their most fascinating, creative, and inventive uses of Twitter’s API.

Prizes totaling more than $520,000 will be given out in three categories:

  • Content Discovery apps

  • Conversation Safety tools

  • Public Good apps

Beyond the scope of its team, that might assist Twitter in locating new use cases and growth potential.

The Twitter roadmap is expected to undergo significant changes with Musk as CEO since several components will be given new priorities in line with Musk’s strategy. In either case, it makes sense for Twitter to keep cultivating relationships with the developer community to find better directions for the app. This might result in development initiatives like this gaining more popularity or being utterly sidelined.

That may not mean much to casual users now, but it may serve as fresh motivation for Twitter’s upcoming significant changes and additions.

Twitter continues to be the leader in real-time engagement and interaction, which offers tremendous potential for insight if it can be exploited. Perhaps the Chirp conference will mark the beginning of an entirely new way of seeing tweets.

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News source: socialmediatoday

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