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Microsoft released a new Defender cybersecurity app for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. While Microsoft has used the Defender moniker for its antivirus protection for years, this new cross-platform Microsoft Defender app is more of a simplified dashboard that connects to existing antivirus software or offers additional device protections for users.

Microsoft Defender will be available today for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family members, with functionality varying depending on the platform. For iOS and iPadOS, for example, there is no antivirus protection, but the app has some web phishing defenses and a dashboard with device notifications.

Microsoft Defender for Android features antivirus protection and the ability to scan for dangerous apps. The program will also check links to guard against web phishing. Instead of aiming to replace the built-in Windows Security program, Defender for Windows functions as a dashboard. You can control and see security safeguards across devices and view existing antivirus protection from Norton, McAfee, or other providers.

Security warnings and tips are available across many devices with Defender, while the tips are only available on Windows and macOS.

The app feels like it will be superfluous for many, but it will be helpful for those wanting to protect family members and multiple devices in a simple dashboard. Microsoft is promising that more features are on the way, too.

“The addition of Microsoft Defender for individuals to our security portfolio is a natural and exciting step forward in our path as a security organization,” says Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of Microsoft security. “This is just the beginning. We’ll keep bringing more protections together under a single dashboard in the future, including features like identity theft prevention and secure online connection.”

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News source: Theverge

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