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According to 9To5Google, Google Lens for Android has received a new upgrade that makes surfing for photographs on your smartphone easier.

The Google Lens update adds a chevron symbol next to the “Screenshots” option on the home screen of your smartphone. When you tap on the icon on your smartphone, a drop-down menu appears, displaying all your system’s picture folders. The photographs can then be accessed from any of the directories using google len.

The new drop-down menu may be beneficial when searching for photographs stored through various apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and others in your google photos, rather than merely using ‘Screenshots’ or library views.

The Google Lens update for Android, according to the report, also changes the appearance of previews on the top grid. They will now appear as rectangles rather than squares. The update is now being rolled out.

In addition, Google has started rolling out Android 12L. Android 12 for large-screen devices comes with features geared towards making tablets and foldables easier to use.

According to Google, the Android 12L operating system will be available on tablets and foldable with planned updates from Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

Android 12L altered the UI sections of home display screen, lock display screen, notification shade, system set-up panels, and settings.

As an example, notifications and quick tiles now have dedicated columns to make them easier to view and swipe away.

Furthermore, users and developers often provide the option to alter many settings without having to exit and enter each component.

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