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December was the 20th anniversary of Google in Canada.

Google Canada compiled a list of the most popular and exciting questions Canadians have asked over the past two decades to celebrate the occasion.

The early 2000s

The early 2000s had Canadians asking Google about Google itself and some Canadian-themed questions.

2001 – How to download Napster?

2002 – What does Google mean?

2003 – Can you pop the centre of a toonie?

2004 – How to get a Canadian passport?

2005 – What is Dubstep?

The mid-2000s

With the launch of Twitter in July 2006, Canadians had some significant queries about the social media app. And in the mid-2000s, Canadians search behaviour changed with the inception of streaming services.

2006 – What is Twitter?

2007 – What does it mean to be Canadian?

2008 – How old is Canada?

2009 – How to watch Hulu in Canada?

The 2010s

In the 2010s Google searches reference some iconic times in pop culture, like the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers series, Pokémon Go, and questioned the meaning of abbreviations for popular slang. 2014 also marked the end of the MySpace era.

2010 – What is the population of Canada?

2011 – What is Thor’s workout routine?

2012 – How much maple syrup was stolen?

What is YOLO?

2013 – Monkey loses in a shopping centre

2014 – What is CrossFit?

How to delete my MySpace account?

2015 – Bautista Bat Flip

2016 – What is Letterkenny?

How do I play Pokémon Go?

2018 – How to floss?

And finally, Canadians took to Google when the pandemic hit and caused uncertainty for all. 2021 Google searches also reveal that many people have been wondering what fungible tokens are all about this year.

2019 – Will Kawhi stay?

2020 – Where to buy toilet paper?

2021 – What is a fungible token?

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