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On Nov 30, 2021, the government of Canada dropped a CA$3.2 million investment into Montreal-based One Silicon Chip Photonics (OSCP) through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), a government-backed initiative to drive cleantech innovations in the country. OSCP is a growing Canadian cleantech company pioneering optical sensor technology, building inertial navigation sensors for autonomous vehicles.

The investment objective goal is to improve autonomous vehicle tech to put more on the road. In addition, this initiative will involve the design of a novel inertial measurement unit (IMU) that will offer high performance in the precise navigation of any moving object, thereby advancing the safety and accuracy of self-driving vehicles. Under certain conditions, autonomous vehicles can be more efficient, and the sensors could also be used in mobile robotics, spacecraft, delivery bots, and various consumer product.

OSCP aims to further de-risk its IMU technology through a series of design improvements and market validation. The investment will remove technology barriers for the autonomous future, said the director of operations at One Silicon Chip Photonics – Richard Williston.

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