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Apple has recently published a blog post explaining the capability to developers. Instead of opting in for a price adjustment in a subscription plan manually, it will now be auto-renewed in the event of a price increase.

Apple claims that this will prevent users’ subscription arrangements from being disrupted unintentionally due to price adjustments.

To be qualified for the new “auto-renewable membership fee rise” function, developers must adhere to specific rules established by the tech giant.

For starters, developers can only raise the prices of their subscription plans once a year. This is to prevent scammy and fraudulent apps from periodically boosting their subscription plans.

Furthermore, in monthly and weekly price increases, the developers are only allowed to increase the price by $5 or 50% of the prior price. So, if a monthly subscription plan costs $10 and the developer raises the price to $15 (price increase = $5, or 50% of the prior price), that app qualifies for the auto-renewable subscription price increase. Users will need to explicitly opt-in for the newly priced plan if the price is increased to $16.

Similarly, the cap for annual membership plans is set at 50% of the prior price, or $50. Furthermore, the price increase must be “permissible under local law” and follow other App Store guidelines. Users will still be required to opt-in for the subscription plan if the price increase is greater than 50%.

Users will no longer have to go into their subscription settings to opt for a newly priced subscription plan. Even if the price of supported apps increases, their auto-renewable subscriptions will continue to renew.

Apple will alert users about their auto-renewed plans via “email, push notifications, and in-app messaging.”

However, considering the multiple limitations attached to this App Store update, we’re unsure if this is a positive development for users.

What are your thoughts on the new App Store update? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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