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Visual content rules the social media world. Your brand’s image has become one of the most important tools for conveying your message to potential customers online. Uploading high-quality social media images can make a world of difference in making your brand appear compelling and professional. To allow for the best quality on each site, every social media platform has specific image resolutions that must be met. Whether that is a maximum file size limit or a restriction on accepted file formats, there is no one-size-fits-all in regards to social media image sizes. Each image dimension serves a different purpose and is shown in a different location on desktop and mobile devices. Understanding the correct dimensions will help you create ads that convert better online. We’ve created an infographic as a handy guide for the correct social media image dimensions on top platforms.

Social Media Image Sizes

social media image sizes 2020

Getting the right dimensions is just the first step. Beyond visuals, you need a complete marketing package that attracts your ideal audience and leads to more conversions. Contact Markovate today to see how we can create a customized marketing package for your business.  Our social media specialists collaborate with the client’s team to understand monthly objectives. Based on the goals, we create an editorial calendar to outline different sets of posts, ad promotion and engagement strategies. We also provide monthly social media reports to share performance. If your business is currently not on any social media channel, Markovate Can help you with all the social media posts.

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