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You might have heard the saying – Two heads are better than one, not because either is faultless, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction generally. Especially when it comes to the tedious mobile app design process, having an experienced app design team well-versed in the intricacies of feature-rich mobile app wireframe tools can be an asset for turning your idea into a feature-rich app. Similarly, it can add value to your business.

Knowing the importance of having design assets while developing and designing a new app, we have curated a list of mobile app wireframes and mockup tools for businesses to explore and choose from. Of course, it will be difficult to choose any one particular, but you will have an option at least.

So without further ado, let’s unveil the curated list specially prepared for this.

Oh, but wait, before we do that, shouldn’t we give you a glimpse of what are these wireframing and mockups tools in the first place? Of course, we should; here you go!

What is a mobile app wireframe tool?

Mobile app wireframe tools are chiefly app design tools that help mobile app designers not only create outlines of the app but also make app layouts, and modify the designs right from the initial phase of mobile app development.

Wireframes are definitely to create a better user experience for the end-user, which then can be developed and reflected in the final app product.

Benefits of wireframing before mobile app development

  • Firstly, provides a roadmap to the mobile app development project
  • Similarly, provides clear communication of how the required features will function
  • Help understand the overall navigational scheme of the mobile app in general
  • Saves cost as well as time and efforts

Now that you have a basic understanding of what wireframes are and why they are an essential part of a mobile app development process, it’s time to get our hands on the top wireframes and mockup tools that’ll make the hustle of mobile app design and development a seamless experience.

Top mobile app wireframing & mockup tools

10. Moqups

The last tool in our rounded-up list of best wireframe and mockup tools for 2022 is Moqups. This cloud-based app wireframe tool eases the app design process by helping app designers create wireframes for both web and mobile apps by allowing them access to the vast design asset library with a variety of UI templates, smart shapes, and widgets that can be dragged and dropped while they collaboratively work with the team members on mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and diagrams.


Moqups features: 

  • Real-time creation and collaboration on wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototypes in general
  • Integration with Slack, google drive, and dropbox and in fact, remote working in the cloud.
  • Powerful, flexible, as well as scalable project management
  • Transform multiple objects with intelligent and dynamic in-built tools altogether
  • Lastly, communication, collaboration, and cohesion for your team, company & clients

Moqups pricing:

  • $20 (trio, $7 per additional user)
  • $13 (single user)/ Custom (enterprise) per month, billed annually

Reasons To Avoid – To download the mockup, you have to upgrade to the paid plan.

9. UXPin

The next best app wireframe tool to ease the mobile app design process is UXPin. A highly collaborative wireframing and mockup tool allows the Admins to set role-based permission access for each project and share, review, and comment features to streamline the app design process. The simple drag and drop functionality lets users drag design assets like icons, intuitive GUI, and images to create or enhance a wireframe.

mockuo 9

UXPin features:

  • Import and export files to Sketch and Photoshop
  • Turn your wireframes into prototypes
  • Reads sketch and P5 files
  • Interactive Elements & Presentation Tools
  • Drag & Drop, Page Linking & Mobile Support

UXPin pricing:

  • Free
  • $29 (Pro) billed monthly
  • $49 (Team)/ Custom (Enterprise, billed monthly)

Reasons To Avoid – Slight learning curve & No birds-eye view of prototype screens

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8. Fluid UI

Another known best app wireframe design tool is Fluid UI. Using the latest technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, this tool enables users to visually map their projects by creating links to join screens, forming a diagram of how everything fits together and then crafting layouts quickly by dragging in the elements from the available libraries in addition to the sharing, feedback, and collaboration features through different devices, such as Tablets, Mobiles, and Desktops.

Fluid UI features:

  • Rapid creation of prototypes by arranging pre-built widgets from Built-in Libraries
  • Seamless Team collaboration & Ideation
  • Video presentations & Installable desktop client
  • Can Communicate how pages relate and work

Fluid UI pricing:

  • $8.25 (solo) per month
  • $19.08 (pro) per month
  • $41.58 (team) per monthReasons To Avoid – It’s challenging to fix UI issues and make it compatible with all versions of browsers.

7. InVision

The following best mobile app wireframe tool for 2022 is InVision. A fantastic tool for designers and developers to create rich interactive clickable mobile app wireframes and mockups easier than ever. The best feature of this app wireframe tool is that it allows its users to develop freehand wireframes, brainstorm design ideas on a digital whiteboard, and share with their respective teams via text messages, which makes working and collaborating with the team more efficient.

InVision features:

  • One can upload and use images from their Google Drive, Dropbox, or computer
  • Users can connect and share their designs to the new or existing freehand via the Craft plugin
  • The brainstorming feature allows users to discuss and review design ideas
  • Seamless project management, reporting, and analysis

InVision pricing:

It starts at $15 per month, offering three prototypes, and go up to $99 per month cost for the team, giving unlimited prototype, allowing five team members

Reasons To Avoid – Doesn’t integrate with many tools

6. MockPlus

Another tool in our list of best mobile app wireframe tools is MockPlus. One of the robust wireframe tools that empower the mobile app design service providers with distinctive features to help create the most interactive wireframes and prototypes for mobile applications without much hassle. Offers a suite of design assets that contain over 200 components, more than 3000 icons, and Android, iPad, and iPhone templates in each size that can suffix different app design requirements.


MockPlus features:

  • Inbuilt drag-and-drop options to make interactive prototypes
  • Design creation, organization, collaboration, sharing, and presentation
  • The Magnifier feature helps one view detailed specs
  • One-click view of duplicate design elements
  • It automatically extracts accurate code snippets from designs
  • The navigation map help with fast positioning and aligning designs

MockPlus pricing:

  • $199 (Pro) per year
  • $399 (unlimited) per user for a lifetime

Reasons To Avoid – Lack of support documentation & No support for gesture-based interaction

5. JustinMind

The next app wireframe design tool that will dominate the mobile app design process in 2022 is JustinMind. This particular mobile app wireframe tool makes it easy for developers to create high-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes for mobile applications capable of adapting to different screen resolutions in just a few clicks and taps. In addition to the impressive customizable templates and the drag-and-drop interface, this tool offers online presentation support that enables users to share wireframes remotely and work seamlessly.

mockup 5

JustinMind features:

  • Pre-built UI libraries, sketches, shapes, mobile gestures & transactions.
  • Designs can be created, shared, and project stakeholders can review and give feedback
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • One-click publishing of prototypes
  • Design changes can be tracked and worked upon

JustinMind pricing:

  • $9 per user/month (standard version)
  • $19 per user/month(professional version)

Reasons To Avoid -Learning curve

4. Figma

The following best wireframe tool that we’re going to talk about is Figma, a browser-based tool that eases the whole mobile app design process as designers, in a few clicks, can create, design, and share complete app design with the developer making it easier for them to work with.  By offering real-time collaboration for teams, this tool help in automating work and removing repetitive tasks with all designs stored in the cloud.

mockup 4

Figma features:

  • Enables an inclusive and seamless app design process
  • Clickable prototyping feature
  • Built-in Commenting
  • Easier Developer Handoff & Version Control
  • Multiplayer Collaboration

Figma pricing:

  • Free (for starter)
  • $12 (for professionals)
  • $45 (for organization)

Reasons To Avoid – No Internet No Figma, Also it needs decent RAM & Graphic Cards to Run Smoothly

3. Balsamiq

Available in Mac, Windows, Linux, and web browsers, another known mobile app wireframe tool is Balsamiq, best for beginners without prior design experience. With several drag-and-drop elements, from buttons to lists styled as a hand-drawing, Balsamiq wireframes are majorly rough and low fidelity to encourage as much feedback as possible.

mockup 3

Balsamiq features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface to design mockups and wireframes
  • Flexible, convenient, quick wireframe tool
  • Encourages feedback on designs
  • The vast availability of UI elements and icons
  • Usability Testing & Version Control

Balsamiq pricing:

  • $9 (2 projects)
  • $49 (20 projects)
  • $199 (200 projects) per month

Reasons To Avoid – Limited functionality & Only low-fi wireframes

2. Adobe XD

The following renowned mobile app wireframe tool for 2022, offering a plethora of Android or iOS wireframing features, is non-other than Adobe XD, an all-purpose wireframing tool with a bundle of parts and functionalities. Equipping users with wireframe layouts, unique UI elements, flowcharts, navigational structure, informational architecture, etc. In addition to creating wireframes and mobile app mockups, Adobe XD also enables the users to share links of your clickable and intuitive wireframes for seamless coordination in the design process.

mockup 2

Adobe XD features:

  • Enables Viewing and inspecting sub-range text
  • Allows users to work with illustrator and AfterEffects cordially.
  • Best tool for setting up and designing the homepage.
  • It can be used strategically by multiple users.
  • Seamless creation of functional and straightforward prototype with the auto animate feature.

Adobe XD pricing:

  • $9.99 monthly for a single user
  • $22.99 per user per month for teams

Reasons To Avoid – Full version requires a subscription.

1. Sketch

Sketch has been a leading vector design wireframe tool for macOS users since its release in 2010. It is widely used to ease the app design process. Starting from designing, creating prototypes, collaborating, and visualizing user journeys, to testing and iterating the design. All of it with a combination of artboards and vector design shapes available.


Sketch features:

  • Well-equipped with vector graphics, interactive prototypes, and pixel-perfect icons
  • Offers well-aligned, reusable, responsive components
  • For easy coordination, the tools allow seamless testing and sharing of design ideas through prototypes.
  • Opportunity to choose from various plugins and animation integrations
  • Shared cloud workspace for design access.

Sketch pricing:

  • $9 per editor monthly
  • $99 per editor yearly

Reasons To Avoid – Can be used on Mac only

Summing it up!

Now that you have a curated list of the top 10 app wireframe tools, we hope your app design process can be a seamless and enjoyable experience. Which tool would be perfect for the app you plan to make will be your call. As it depends solely on you and your team’s requirements. So, without thinking much, start planning about the goal of offering a smooth and user-friendly UX. And if you need a helping hand, Markovate – an established mobile app design company, can be your partner. They can help you develop and design the best-in-market mobile app.

Until next time, Happy Wireframing!

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I’m Rajeev Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Markovate, an innovative digital product development firm with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. With over a decade in the field, I’ve led key projects for major players like AT&T and IBM, specializing in mobile app development, UX design, and end-to-end product creation. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Scrum Alliance certifications, I continue to drive technological excellence in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.