You look great!

It’s the start of a new year, you’ve got a new office at WeWork, and it’s fueling you to achieve bigger and better goals for your company.

One thing that’s a must this year is marketing. If you don’t get yourself out there, how will others find out about your amazing business?

As you work on the finishing touches in your new office, why not spruce up all the details of your online presence, too. Here are 15 marketing hacks to help promote your business in the digital space and the WeWork space.

It’s the little things …

1. Make sure your new address is on your website

Promote Your Business

You want everyone to know you landed a sweet office in WeWork right! Make sure to update your address on your site, so clients know your company is on the scene.

2. Update your email signature, social media profiles, and business cards

Each time you send an email, whether to new prospects or old clients, your signature is an easy way to let them know where you are. You could even email them that all meetings will now take place at your new office. For new clients, social media profiles are often the first place people look for business information, so make sure to include your new address on your social profiles. And remember to keep and promote your business cards up to date so new clients won’t go searching for you at your old office.

3. Create a Google My Business profile and get a verified listing

Promote Your Business

You can create a free profile for your business when people search for you or similar businesses on Google Search or Google Maps. The Google My Business profile lets you update your business information to stand out and let customers know of any ongoing promotions.

4. Decorate the glass walls in your office

Promote Your Business office

Skytap stands out with sticky note art featuring their name and a stick man.

Honestly a great marketing hack! Creating a visual that stands out in high traffic areas makes for more eyeballs on your company. If you have that coveted corner office then all the more reason to show off to the people below.

5. Mingle with others over lunch breaks

It may be a co-working space, but you don’t have to work all day with no time for play. The objective behind WeWork as a whole is to foster a community. Get to know your floormates by lunching with others in the common areas.

It’s WeWork, not IWork …

6. Fill in your company’s bio on the WeWork members website

Promote Your Business markovate
The simple first step when joining the WeWork community is to fill in your bio! You’ve probably noticed that these bios show up on the screens near the elevators—meaning everyone on the WeWork floors will get a glimpse at your profile.

7. Ask your employees to follow your business on the WeWork member website

Promote Your Business

Using this marketing hack, two of our employees followed our company page and that inspired two more to follow us!

Your company has a profile page that can be followed by other members in the WeWork community, thereby expanding your network. Get the ball rolling and have all your employees follow the company so that you have an established community.

8. Ask your team to put a message on the community board to spread the word

Promote Your Business

That’s what it’s there for! A lot of us here are startups and know the importance of getting the word out. Post a message on the community board—even to say hi—so people can start to recognize your business name.

Educate the community on your industry …

9. Browse the company profiles on the WeWork Members website to help the businesses at your location

Promote Your Business

You can filter through companies based on city, building, and the services they offer.

The “What We Do” section on each company’s profile can give you a quick snapshot of a company’s skill set, opening up possibilities for collaborations. You can also click on any of the tags and quickly see all the companies in your building that offer the same service.

10. Write a blog post for your WeWork audience and share that with the WeWork community

Does this marketing hack look familiar? Keep an eye on the Member Feed to know the needs of people in the building and write a blog post that benefits them. Sharing your blog post in the feed lets them know that your company has information that is relevant and also useful.

11. Answer questions on WeWork to show-off your business

Answer some frequently asked questions, so other members get a better sense of what your business offers. If there aren’t enough questions, create your own!

If face to face is more your thing …

12. Set up a workshop to coach your audience and meet more people

Promote Your Business

A workshop is a great way to interact with people who are interested in learning more about your industry in general, as well as your company. The content in your workshop should be high-level enough for a beginner to understand, but interesting enough that someone well-versed in your topic will walk away with new knowledge. You could even combine this with the blog post you created earlier and answer any questions people may have had while reading your article.

13. Host an event in your office and invite WeWork people to network with them

Your event doesn’t even have to be fancy! The event could be as simple as offering a free coupon for your product or service or inviting people over for free food.

14. Use the common area to promote yourselves and show off what you do

Don’t just tell—show everyone what your company is all about! Set up a demonstration on the third floor or in conference rooms and hold AMAs about your product, service, or industry in general.

15. Go to some events!

Promote Your Business

The best way to meet people in the building is to go to events—especially those related to your industry. Show up to some events or workshops and meet people who share your company’s interests.

These are all quick, painless marketing hacks to promote your business. Hopefully, by using these hacks you will get even more out of your new office at WeWork. These marketing hacks can be used in both the digital and physical space, so it’s up to you how you’d like to promote your business! If you need any help or want to learn more about digital marketing for your company, visit us at 1 University Avenue, Unit 12-113, or email us at [email protected].

What are some of your favorite ways to promote your business? Leave us a comment below!