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Every coin has two sides – head and tail. Similarly, every situation has a good side and a bad side. When life turned overnight to a disguised state due to the pandemic, the havoc that was built up quantified the toll of the misery on human lives and suffering; the economic slowdown and psychosocial impact established strong enough reasons to translate the experiences into actionable lessons by improving the whole spectrum of health and healthcare delivery by adopting changes in public health interventions. A healthcare app can be very helpful for the common person to keep up to date on the information and precautions they need.

Following the financial crisis, remote care has seen a huge shift in the healthcare industry.

Considering the former conditions, easy access to medical solutions through mobile health apps is an increasingly popular trend in 2021. And it won’t be a piece of news to state that today healthcare apps have become the vital forerunner for transforming and overturning the condition of the medical and healthcare industry across the globe. Be it individual medical practitioners or healthcare organizations, everybody that has roots in medicare is investing in healthcare app development to enhance the quality of their services and encourage self-management behaviors in patients.

Since we are discussing the evolution of healthcare apps, let us tell you that according to a study by IQVIA There are now more than 3,18,000 Healthcare apps available in major app stores. Almost 200 apps are added every day, with this number nearly doubling since 2015. Overwhelming fact, isn’t it?

However, moving forward let’s look at the intricacies of healthcare apps in the industry and why are they in vogue!

Healthcare Apps – A Bridge between Patients & Medical Professionals

Do you know, according to a study – 80% of doctors particularly use smartphones and medical apps in everyday medical practice. 

It’s easy to recall days when getting yourself a doctor’s appointment was a hustle. Similarly for doctors, catering to numerous patients was a tedious task. But with the digitization of the healthcare industry, providing and accessing medical assistance has become seamless like never before. 

A mobile app allows patients to find doctors, schedule appointments, and view medical test results comfortably. Additionally, patients can also consult a doctor via video call to address health issues online.

As for doctors, online consultation and patient management has made it easier for them to treat and assist their patients as well as effectively streamline the communication. Be it an emergency response, health surveillance, maintaining health records and clinical documentation, or treatment monitoring with patients regularly, everything can be monitored and managed with just a few clicks and taps online with advanced healthcare applications.

After learning why medical apps for patients and doctors are so crucial. Let’s look at a few of the most useful medical apps available on Google Play.

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Types Of Healthcare Mobile Applications 

  • Doctor appointment & clinical assistance apps
  • Telehealth mobile apps (doctor-on-demand apps)
  • Medical or health habit tracking apps
  • Medical database apps
  • Chronic conditions monitoring apps
  • Women’s health apps
  • Lifestyle & Wellness apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Nutrition consultation apps

Top Healthcare Applications of 2021

  • Generis – DNA & Nutrition
  • Teladoc – 24/7 Access to a Doctor
  • Better Help – Online Counseling
  • Leafly – Cannabis Community
  • MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log
  • EyeCare Live – Ophthalmologist consultation

Summing it up!

With all that read and understood, there’s no doubt that the infusion of technology and healthcare will profoundly shape the environment doctors and patients operate in; as these advanced healthcare mobility solutions are going to be beneficial for the entire world as well as the healthcare industry. And if you are thinking of contacting a healthcare product development company, now is the time to turn your envisions into reality!

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