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How To Make A Successful App: Introduction

Imagining a life without mobile apps is quite impossible in the 21st century. You depend on it for almost every task, be it socializing, keeping in touch with the world, or just for entertainment purposes. Mobile apps offer phenomenal user experience and ease of access and are affordable and personalized. Thus, no wonder they are a user’s favorite! Developing mobile apps has emerged as a trending skill, especially in the past few years, due to the enormous demand created by businesses and professionals to adopt this medium of technology to fulfill their purposes.

Every person nowadays has a vision of what kind of app they would like to create, what functionalities it would have, and what problems it would solve. It’s no wonder the app development industry is at an all-time high, with around 9 million apps available worldwide.

This results in a highly competitive market and a demand for unique, creative, and valuable cross-functional apps. Companies need to look for highly skilled app developers who understand them and their needs and who can come up with innovative solutions to design and develop their apps.

How To Make A Successful App?

How to make a successful mobile app? The solution to this is no piece of the cake. It depends on several factors, which all go hand in hand with the successful launch of an app. Sometimes, an idea is exceptional, but the app fails due to poor execution or lack of features. Or there might be times when the development part goes exceptionally well, but there was a compromise on the UX research, which thus fails to gain the customer’s confidence and, again, does not perform well in the market.

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One must keep three features in mind: the market, the product, and the user.

One needs to judge the market carefully, the current scope, and the competitors available. They need to look into its prospects and the past year’s trends and then judge to see if developing mobile apps for that market would be useful or not.

The product, i.e., the mobile app itself, is a significant component determining success. The app needs excellent features, an attractive UI, continuous updates, a solid security base, and, most importantly, it needs to fulfill a purpose. It should have a USP to show why it’s better than the hundreds of similar apps already available or offer a unique solution altogether.

Lastly, the users and customers are essential for developing a successful mobile app, as they are the ultimate end users. It would be best to determine who the app is for, how efficiently it serves the users in that bracket and how you can develop more methods to keep them engaged and build trust with them.

If a business successfully makes all these go in sync with one another, it’s a sure-shot recipe for a successful app launch!

“What” Is A Successful App?

The definition of a successful app might vary for everyone, but here are a few pointers you can keep in mind:

  • Requires low development cost and maintenance
  • Get Updated constantly
  • Customizable as per the user’s needs
  • Has a well-planned UI/UX Design
  • Provides an active customer support
  • It is engaging and innovative
  • It offers high performance and is secure

How To Make A Successful App: 10 Things To Know

Mobile App development can be tedious if not planned out properly. Thus, here are a few things that need to be kept in mind before starting this journey:

10 Things to know before developing an app

1. Define Your Vision

To make your apps scalable, robust, and famous, you need to understand what you want from your app. You need to understand what kind of problem you’re going to solve, how you will solve it, and what will make your mobile app different. A good understanding, in the beginning, goes a long way and even helps the developers get a clearer idea of precisely what you’re looking for.

2. Narrow Down The Audience & Platform

Narrow down on the target audience and do extensive user research on them, be it surveys or personal interviews. Each app cannot satisfy the masses and has a group of people who use it extensively and take it forward, especially in the initial stage. For instance, social media earlier was only used by teenagers and working professionals and is now used by almost everyone, irrespective of age. Also, gaining expertise on one platform at the beginning, whether iOS or Android, is a wise decision. It helps you gain confidence and offers a seamless experience to the users features-wise.

3. Look For A Great Team Of Developers & Designers

A team of talented and skilled professionals can give your app a new dimension. Combined with yours, their ideas and innovative solutions could help the app gain a significant edge. A strong, professional, and collaborative team is extremely helpful when you start developing mobile apps and is a substantial factor without which you cannot move forward.

4. Decide How You Want To Allocate The Resources

You also need to assess how many resources you have and how much you are willing to give away during the development process. It might be time or money, both incredibly monumental in the development process. One needs to ensure that there is enough, from start to finish.

5. Go Through Various Prototypes Of Apps

Once you go through various app designs and prototypes, you’ll get an idea of how they function and what all creations people have done in this field. It will give you a better understanding of the workflow and might even help you build on your existing idea.

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6. Look Into The Strengths & Weaknesses Of Similar Apps

Evaluating the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses can prove to be extremely useful. You will get an idea of why it was a success/failure, which will help you judge if you’re making a similar mistake. Or, you can always borrow points from them that you thought you could incorporate into your mobile app and strengthen it further.

7. Formulate A Marketing Strategy

Every day, thousands of apps get released on the Appstore or Playstore. To stay ahead of these, you need to develop a marketing strategy to sell your app and attract customers. It should show them why they choose you and what new features you have brought to the table.

8. Research The Latest Trends & Various Technologies For Your App

You should be extremely well aware of the technologies available in the market and which one suits your model the best, For cross-platform apps, you can go for React Native, or if you want to develop only iOS apps, then you need to work with Swift. Trends and technologies help the app to stay fresh, retain users, and ensure the smooth functioning of the app.

9. Think Of How It Can Help You Generate Money

Monetizing your app is an extremely important skill. The investment of your resources should be able to provide you a return, if not immediately, then in the future. It should generate a passive income. This might be achieved through advertisements, a business model, or a paid subscription.

10. Look At Its Long-Term Scope & Future Market

A mobile app needs to be sustainable. It involves a heavy resource investment, and a month-long or year-long shelf life isn’t enough. You need to search for the prospects of the app, the further changes you can make, and how you can keep up with the latest trends not to become outdated.

How To Make A Successful App: Tips

  • Come up with a unique and executable app idea
  • Develop for multiple platforms
  • Make regular updates based on the user’s feedback
  • Do not settle with the first design; look for better and more creative ones.
  • Develop a prototype first, and then make changes to it
  • Debug the mobile app through various phases and also test it with the target audience
  • Collect various statistics and analyze them to see where you are going

Markovate: The One-Stop Solution For App Development Services

It is evident then that developing mobile apps can be risky, either highly profitable or a waste of money and time. Thus, one needs to be highly sure when stepping into this field and have all the right resources to create a successful and viable app.

Markovate, a mobile app development service, provides app development services for all major platforms. Having a vast experience with React Native App Development, Cloud Computing, Cross Platform App Development, PWA Development, or other platform services, we strive to take your business to greater heights. We are here to assist you throughout the process to help you create your app of dreams, from the initial prototype to the marketing and expansion. Our customer’s needs always come first, and we ensure that our options are highly customizable and flexible.

Markovate is here to help you transform your vision into reality!


1. What do successful apps have in common?

All successful apps have a high performance, a strong user base, updated features, and offer stability and security.

2. Which type of app is in high demand?

Video streaming apps such as Netflix and social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram dominate the app market with billions of users worldwide. Talking a video streaming app as popular as Netflix, it generated over $24.9 billion in revenue in the past year, making a 23.8% increase from 2020. At the same time, Instagram became popular with content creators, marketers, and the general public as the app has over 1.393 billion monthly active users, which is proof enough to comprehend the popularity of this social media application.

3. What makes an app unique?

Some features that make an app unique are its different UI that provides an innovative solution to a problem. For example, in the case of PayPal, users can send and receive money and make payments to whichever service they want, all with just a click! The need for physical capital has been eliminated with this app model. Also, apps like Tiktok have changed the entertainment industry. People worldwide can upload 30-sec videos on any audio they want, from whatever genre.

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I’m Rajeev Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Markovate, an innovative digital product development firm with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. With over a decade in the field, I’ve led key projects for major players like AT&T and IBM, specializing in mobile app development, UX design, and end-to-end product creation. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Scrum Alliance certifications, I continue to drive technological excellence in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.