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From the app store icon size to the screenshots, images play an important role in marketing an app. Using the correct dimensions for app screenshots seems as though it would be a straightforward task, but there can be some confusion over the correct app store icon size and formats.

The App Store and Play Store have different technical requirements that must be met. Having the right size screenshots ensures that none of your images come out distorted, adding to your app’s quality. As well, ensuring you follow these requirements can help your app get accepted faster.

App Submission Cheatsheet

Use our infographic as a handy guide for proper app submission to both the App Store and Play Store.

app store icon size

Getting the right icon size is just the first step. Beyond visuals, you need a complete marketing package that attracts your ideal audience and leads to more conversions. Contact Markovate today to see how we can create a customized marketing package for your business. 
Meet the new standard in-app marketing services to acquire and engage users with result-based digital marketing solutions. We commit to a 360° app marketing plan that is created uniquely to meet our client’s business goals. We start by discussing your company and your goals, then get to work customizing a plan that fits your needs. We use a complete approach, providing you with all the ingredients needed to run an effective marketing campaign.

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