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Enhanced Proof of Concept (POC) for Product Recommendations

An interactive Proof of Concept (POC) for Dell Technologies helps to increase business. This solution offers product recommendations, cost details, carbon footprint data, and networking configurations for eCommerce transactions, streamlining the online buying experience.
  • Dynamic Recommendations
  • Data Management
  • Network Configuration Assistant
Dell- Case Study

Key Features

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Recommendation Engine

The solution provides real-time product suggestions powered by TensorFlow & collaborative filtering, constantly adapting to browsing history, past purchases, and trending items.
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Cost & Carbon Transparency

The feature uses ERP integrations & LCA databases, empowering sustainable shopping choices to help visualize delivery fees, taxes, and even product carbon footprint alongside price.
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Network Configuration Assistant

The smart assistant suggests optimal Wi-Fi channels & DNS servers based on network, using device fingerprinting & optimization APIs, while guiding through troubleshooting.

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