About SmartEats

Designed to enable app user to effortlessly add real-time on-device food recognition and typing-free food tracking functionality into their mobile applications.

Key Features

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Food Recognition

Logging of over 1.5M foods with scanning recognized by neural networks

Estimate Weight-icon

Estimate Weight

Measure food amounts and weight with your mobile camera.

Meals Plans-icon

Meat Plans

Create and share meal plans using meal plan templates available

Heatlhy Alternatives-icon

Healthy Alternatives

Improve impulsive food selections.

Food Logging-icon

Food Logging

Log nutrients and calories from your meals.

Brand Recognition-icon

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition involving the use of machine learning algorithms,


Flexible Recognition

The technology behind on-device food recognition AI involves the use of machine learning algorithms, such as neural networks, that are trained on large datasets of food images. These algorithms can then be integrated into a mobile app or other software application that can be used to identify and classify food items in real-time, simply by analyzing the image captured by the device’s camera.

Nutrition Scan

Nutrition-AI lets users scan in a variety of ways, such as it measure the food and quantity through its flexible real-time recognition technology and also provide details of nutrition in specific food and lets you add it to your daily meal. It also provides with recognition to packaged food for many common brands without the need to scan UPC codes.

Technology Architecture

Object detection using AI tools relies on training deep learning models on large datasets of labeled images, and fine-tuning the models to achieve high accuracy and speed in object detection tasks.
flow diagram

Track Meal Plan

Transform your coaching, fitness, health and life-style apps with Nutrition-AI. The app provides users with a faster and more engaging way to track foods and learn about nutrition.

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