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How CTOs Are Able to Accelerate Growth & Delivery

Hiring a CTO can help growth startups and established companies build new products with a solid foundation. CTOs have in-depth expertise in various technologies that can boost product delivery and management. Besides their technical knowledge, CTOs have non-technical expertise that helps them manage teams, budgets, and train resources. Most importantly, CTO also has excellent communication skills contributing to efficient operations and teamwork.

Head of Technology – CTO’s Role and Responsibility

Manage the technology department and align the whole tech team so they can deliver the projects on time and within budget.

Track team performance, leads the technology team, and ensure product efficient development using the latest technology solutions
Conduct comprehensive research on product development by monitoring trends and optimizing development processes
Interview technology team, train and nurture new and existing programmers and keep them aligned with the company's vision
Plan product scalability and future modernization by guiding the team leads on tech stacks and product architecture
Help with building toolchain, protocol mechanisms, APIs, and various third-party frameworks for successful product development
Represents the company's technical strength and capabilities on the front-end and communicates the coding principals to potential clients looking for a tech partnership
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When to Hire A CTO?


1. If your client needs digital transformation

Tech companies who help their customer with digitalization need a CTO for product development and modernization

  • A CTO knows emerging tech and has experience with protocols and third-party frameworks
  • A CTO can help with product roadmaps and future sustainability

2. If you are a fast-paced startup building digital products

Startups need faster results and fewer fallbacks to kick-start their business growth. A CTO in their team can ensure they don’t lose time and money over technology failures and can get positive outputs

  • CTO guides the technology team and works with them closely to reduce product failures
  • CTO helps with product architecture and framework and ensures deliverability in optimal time

3. If you don’t have in-house tech expertise

Technology teams always need a leader they can follow to standardize their coding methods, problem-solving, and motivation

  • A CTO in a team can do team management and keep tech experts updated on trends
  • A CTO can fill the gap in the team skill set and help with the right tech recruitment in various instances

6. If you need to stay ahead of your competitors

With a CTO, businesses can avoid facing production delays and growth faster

  • CTO can ensure smooth tech transformation by taking a load of delivery
  • A CTO can also help with a large-scale technology update and help with risk-free transitions

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Why You Should Hire A CTO From Markovate


Utilize the abilities of licensed CTOs who exhibit the highest levels of dependability, usability, and adaptability in their area of specialization.

Why Hire a cto with markovate

1. Technical Excellence​

We provide experienced CTOs who will bring technical excellence to your team. They have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry best practices and can guide the technical aspects of your app development project.

2. Immediate Placement

We can immediately fill the position with someone with the necessary skills and expertise to manage your company’s technology needs. This can save you valuable time and resources.

3. Relevant Industry Expertise​

Different industries have unique challenges and requirements when it comes to technology. We provide dedicated CTOs with relevant industry expertise to help you evaluate and implement industry-specific solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

4. 100% Transparency

We can provide 100% transparency regarding open communication and a collaborative approach. If you’re looking for a partner who values transparency in their work, a dedicated CTO from us can be the right choice.

5. 60-Day Replacement

If your CTO is not meeting your expectations or your business needs have shifted, you can replace them with a new CTO with the skills and experience needed to meet your changing needs. Overall, the 60-day replacement is a significant advantage of hiring a dedicated CTO from us.

6. Top Talent​

We typically have access to a pool of top talent who are experts in their respective fields and deeply understand the technology landscape. A dedicated CTO from us can leverage this expertise to develop technology strategies that meet your specific needs.

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