React Native vs Swift:

What’s Better For  iOS App Development?


While React Native may produce a decent native-like UI, it lacks Swift’s level of stability.

Winner: Swift 

User Interface

Swift was created specifically for iOS programming, ensuring that the UI elements on iOS devices are of the highest quality.

Winner: Swift 

Coding Speed

Swift coding speed vs React Native: tied

Talent Pool

Even though it’s difficult to compare the two because React Native is a framework and Swift is a language, it’s clear that React Native has a far larger community.



Swift gets the advantage here, too, because native development consistently outperforms cross-platform development.

Winner: Swift 



React Native and Swift has good documentation, given they were built by well-known and experienced tech heavyweights like Facebook and Apple.

Swift documentation vs React Native: tied


Overall, React Native and Swift are excellent tools for developing iOS applications. You’ll need to take advantage of their differences to determine which one is best for your project.