Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes In Your Freemium SaaS Application

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A combination of “free” and “premium,” this SaaS model uses a free version of a SaaS product to promote a premium version.

What is a freemium strategy for a SaaS application?

Frequent mistakes to avoid in your freemium SaaS application

1. Not giving access to enough features that show application value

2. Giving access to most of the features, so there’s not much incentive to buy

3. Not viewing free users as customers

4. Not being committed to innovation

5. Not understanding target conversion rate

Best Practices for SaaS application development

1.  Focus on the needs and issues of your users

2. Aim for self-service and personalization in your SaaS application

3. Ensure seamless & easy integration

4. Adopt the best cloud provider for you