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We work with tech enterprises to engineer scalable premium digital products for the end users. Our core expertise lies in strategizing, architecting, engineering, and launching successful digital solutions. We build IoT, AI, Blockchain, and cloud solutions and are the experts in mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Hybrid. Rated the best mobile app development company in 2021 and ranked #1 by various agencies, including Clutch, Goodfirms, and Upcity.

Trapaze Travel Mobile Solution - Markovate


Travel. Paratransit solution that serves mobility with integrated technology.
Case Study

Sellvage Marketplace Mobile Solution - Markovate


Marketplace.A secure marketplace for buying and selling classified items.
Case Study

My Perfect Trainer - Fitness App Development - Markovate

My Perfect Trainer

Fitness . An interactive platform connecting personal trainers and clients, making fitness accessible.
Case Study


Skep Home

SaaS. Connecting home cleaners and homeowners, powered with state-of-the-art technology.
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Writeback B2C Mobile Solution - Markovate


Social. A one of a kind app for those who love sending and receiving letters.
Case Study

Synervoz Video Audio Streaming Mobile Solution - Markovate


Entertainment. Delivering the ultimate media experience with real-time voice and audio.
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Apps we build are not just better, they are the best.

We choose and make digital products that can provide value to the end-user today and tomorrow. We partner with tech brands and enterprises to convert their business offerings into a technical yet highly functional mobile app, which can also grow their brand affinity. Each mobile app we build is backed by a carefully selected tech stack, scalable architecture, and intuitive mobile app designs.


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Working with Markovate

“I approached Markovate to create an app. With the help of their team, we have been able to develop an incredible iOS & Android app. The product development team at Markovate has always surprised us with some unique features and algorithms.”

Amr Ismail

Managing Director, Skep Inc.

“Markovate quickly adapted to the new project. They have upgraded our hybrid application with a variety of new features to give customers the leverage to access particular services. Their focus on detail and commitment is crucial to the success of our project.”

Woto Nyomba

Technology Expert, Manulife Global

“The mobile app launched with positive reviews from beta testers, customers and praise from key stakeholders. The quality of the build and smooth UX/UI surpassed expectations. The knowledgeable and responsive team at Markovate manages the workflow in a seamless manner.”

Moe Ali

Founder & CEO, Product Faculty

“We’re pleased with application Markovate developed for my travel company that was designed with features that matched our mission. The Markovate offered top-quality maintenance and support in addition. They’re organized and transparent.”

Mehran Sedigh

Vice President
Hire an Android App Developer
Android has taken over the app industry like a storm. Unveiled in 2007, it has shown nothing but progress since then. Being an open-source mobile operating system, it is based on a modified version of Linux ( and other O/S software) to be used for touchscreen such as mobiles. Operating systems like Windows worked well on computers and desktops but lacked the environment and resources necessary for practical functionality in mobile systems. Hiring android app
React Native Framework For App Development
You might be familiar with Swift for developing iOS apps or Java/Kotlin for Android. Learning multiple languages to build native apps can become cumbersome and unreasonable today when many technologies and frameworks are available. Another popular name that has thus emerged in the app development field is React Native, a light frame framework based on Javascript. It was introduced in 2013 and made open source to the public in 2015 by Facebook. It has become
Progressive Web Apps: Guide
One relies on apps for almost everything, and why shouldn’t they? You get tons of services with just a tap. The user experience they offer is amazing, and the ease of access is unparalleled. You need your phone and a network connection, and you’re good to go! But for small businesses, developing an app individually can sometimes be quite cumbersome in terms of money and resources. It can also hinder the number of customers it

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