Shopping Ads

E-commerce businesses can use shopping ad campaigns to display their products on Google search pages. It helps them to sell more as their ads are extremely relevant to the keywords.

Shopping ads are the quintessential way for retailers who are selling their products on their online store. The best feature of Google shopping ads is that they appear on top of Google search results. 

A shopping ad is a perfect composition of a title, description, product image, price and seller name. These ads have a high conversion rate because they give a user a good sense of what a product looks like before they even click on the ad. This is commonly used by retailers and online shops to generate qualified leads.

What are Shopping Ads?

How can we help with Shopping Advertising?

We start by setting up a Google Merchant account for the business. This helps to generate data of online products pulled from the client e-commerce store. Then, we submit the data feed to Google for a review and once approved, the information of the online products are pulled automatically from a data feed and used to create the ads. 

We optimise the data feed and provide recommendations on the store pages, title, description etc. so we can leverage the details and make strong ad promotions. Ever shopping ad has information about the product including a title, description, price and brand name and hence they are very effective to keep the cost per click low and target buyers who are ready to buy. 

Our team works with the client to provide ideas on how to keep the product details on their website, relevant to the categories used for targeting.

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