Landing Page Design

A landing page is an opportunity to display what’s important to show your audience who is coming to your page to make a purchase decision.

Making a first impression is not only important to make a connection but is often used as a chance to convince someone to take action. A website does almost the same thing for a business, however when a user lands on a website, it’s usually with intention. 

When there is a lot of information offered on a website, it sometimes can be overwhelming and may not assist the buyer to make a decision right away. On the other hand, landing pages are created specifically for marketing objectives, such as, book appointments, sign up for a free service or request information. 

Due to high relevancy and user experience, landing pages are 95% more effective than websites to convert a visit into a sale. 

Landing Page Design

How can we help with Landing Pages?

Our designers work with the client to understand their requirements. Landing page design is shown to the client for approval before it goes into the development stage. For each type of business, we recommend a specific landing page design that is convertible and has a great user experience. 

We also implement a backend reporting system that helps businesses know what exactly users are doing on the landing page. The report entails the web traffic insights, bounce rate and other important metrics that could help improve the user experience when they visit a landing page via a search or display ad.

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