Facebook Ads

Facebook ads work best when targeted to a custom audience to generate quick actions such as sign ups for lead generation or list building.

With over billions of monthly users on Facebook, there is no doubt that it has been an effective tool for advertising. Facebook advertising is commonly used by small businesses who are targeting a specific audience based on a very niche demographic. 

Facebook ad platform has the ability to promote through photos, slideshows, videos, carousels and canvas ads that appear to the audience you select. The campaigns on Facebook are objective-based and created to attract people who are relevant to certain pages, groups, interests, skills or buying behavior. Most campaigns on Facebook are focused on generating instant signups, book meetings or generating new appointments.

Why Facebook Advertising?

How can we help with Facebook Advertising?

Our team manages and optimises campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook apps to achieve campaign objectives. We formulate a custom campaign strategy that is aligned with the business goals. Based on the target market, we create 2-3 variation of image ads and ad messages that can for each campaign. 

We provide meaningful campaign reports that show the performance metrics and determine if the goals were achieved. In addition, our account managers make adjustments to bids, placements and ad creatives to improve performance by using A/B testing to find the best ad for the campaign.

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