Display Advertising

Display ads are best used to create awareness, reinforce a message or target a specific audience for lead generation.

Google Display ads are used to promote powerful messages across websites using contextual targeting. It helps businesses target people on Google network websites, who are reading or engaging with topics relevant to an industry. 

It is also commonly used to re-target visitors, who have previously visited a website but have not contacted the business or not made a transaction. This is called Retargeting or Remarketing.

What is Display Advertising?

How can we help with Display Advertising?

We start with creating a display campaign media plan based on the target audience, keywords and topics relevant to the client. In this plan, we include content websites which can potentially attract our target audience. We also capture our client feedback to understand their customers demographics, interests and attributes to prepare a list of all possible ad placements. 

Once we have the media plan ready, our team works with the client and come up with banner ads drafts in different sizes. We keep the message compelling and attractive and always alter it do A/B tests. 

After we launch the campaign, we continously monitor click data to identify negative placements and remove them to optimize the campaigns for a better ROI.

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